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The shower that I really needed to have

I am pretty sure that everyone knows the phrase “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, well for me the phrase should read “the shower that broke me!” or more accurately, “the shower that I didn’t get to enjoy broke the last semblance of sanity left!”

Sneezing woke me up this morning, endless sneezing.  Rather than stay in bed and wake boy-child completely (he stirred enough to lean out of bed to investigate whatever monster was lurking under the bed!) I decided to continue my sneezing alone, downstairs.  It was before 6am and still dark.  Instead of sitting alone being annoyed that I was awake and that I was sneezing, I decided to make the most of the morning and start on creating the new me – the one who is determined to regain some semblance of fit and healthy.  I pulled on a pair of trekking shoes, only because my runners were no where to be seen, and headed out for Day 1 of the C25K program.

It was cold, I was still sneezy but I felt great for getting out there.  Sure my body was protesting at the cold and my head was imagining I was anywhere else but I was proud to make that first important step to making a real change.  In fact I was so pumped by it I even posted words to that effect on Facebook, in a group that I have been lurking in for a while now…

Enough is enough. Today I really start learning how to move again, starting with the c25k challenge. To get things in to perspective – it has been so long since I have been running that I have no idea where my runners are. Instead of this stopping me, I pulled on my trekking shoes and hit the streets. My body is in a state of shock, my head is all over the shop but I have started. Happy Monday Movers 🙂

I enjoyed the quiet of the morning and the stillness of the house.  I could ignore the headache that never disappears.  I was looking forward to a great day.  School lunches made, and kids only just waking, with an hour before we were required to leave for the back to school madness.  It was the perfect time to go and have a shower.  Of course the best laid plans get thrown out the window when as I go to enter the bathroom I hear, “Oh, there may not be too much hot water left!”

Seriously.  Are you the only f*cking person in this house?  Your actions would certainly indicate so!

Instead of yelling and screaming about how freaking selfish he was.  I threw my clothes on, over a post run sweaty body and stormed off downstairs.  I was so pissed at not having that 5 minutes of luxury that I couldn’t see past it.  I got downstairs and everything just drove me nuts.

The fact that I didn’t get time to do any grocery shopping meaning that meals this week will be made from the little bits of whatever that happens to be in the fridge or freezer.  The fact that I was making dinner for tonight this morning.  The fact that today is just another crap day that can surely only get better.

Moral to the story – don’t get between me and my desire for a shower OR stop being a selfish asshat, your actions and inactions have an impact on others!


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A Different Place to Visit

I don’t spend much time here these days for a whole lot of reasons, but I miss blogging. Instead of giving up entirely, I am back blogging the kids adventures over at superRelish. Drop by and see what they have been up to. Eventually, when I am feeling more confident, I will add a myRelish feature to that blog. Thanks for keeping me company here, I hope to see you over at superRelish some day.
Love Del

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A home…

I miss blogging but this place hasn’t felt like home in a while now so I am going to reinvent myself in blogland.  If I think back to why I started blogging, it was to have a journal for the kids of their adventures so I will start with that.  I want to play catchup and fill in the gaps on what I haven’t posted so that their story is complete.  I still want to have my own space to be a part of a community so I think I will have a meme page.  I miss doing things like Sunday Selections and Sundays in my City.  I am sure there are others that I would love to do, that shares bits of me without sharing too much.

If I do nothing else, I figure that will get me back in to the world of blogging and see what happens from there…

In the meantime, I am in India and am far too busy to even think of blogging properly!


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Big Issues in a Little Body

There is always something about the behaviour of my kids that has me freaking out.  It might be a period of being untruthful, or perhaps being melancholy or even being more unruly than ever, whatever it is, it generally passes fairly quickly and whilst the mummy-guilt might kick in and I might stress about the behaviour for a few seconds (or even minutes) I know that everything will work out.  I generally don’t make a big deal about it, instead trying to chat with the kids about possible issues without being confrontational.  I know that together we can work it out and until now that has generally been the case.  Sure we did go through a particularly rough patch last year with the boy at school, bullying and his intense dislike of his teacher and of school in general, but it all worked out and he currently loves going to school.  All was well with the world.

The relaxed approach is the way I like to get things done and it seems to work for us, until now.  I have to admit that I have been freaking out by my girl’s behaviour and attitude lately and what is scaring me most of all is that she is a smaller version of me.  Not the me that I was when I was also 7 but more like the me that I am now.  You see, my beautiful little girl isn’t eating much.  Now this may be normal in many households but not around here.  Both of my monsters eat like, well, like monsters.  Breakfast is always eaten, and can range from a tin of baked beans (a full regular sized tin, not one of those kiddie ones, straight from the can) to 3 slices of toast on a typical day (more for the boy), a huge bowl of porridge if I have had time to make some or even a bowl of pasta if there is any left over from dinner.  Breakfast around here is sizeable, often larger than dinner and on many occasions it is eaten over a few sittings.

Now one would think that with such a large breakfast, perhaps lunch wouldn’t be a big thing but a typical lunch is 1 1/2 rounds of sandwiches, an apple, a mandarin (or banana if they are affordable!), a row of crackers, some cherry tomatoes and a piece of cheese and most of it would be eaten most days.  Sure both kids have had phases of not being hungry at school and being too busy to make time to eat, but it doesn’t last long, and never for more than a week.  Then on the days of not eating much lunch at school, they would clean out the pantry when they got home from school.  Hell, most days even if they have eaten all of their lunch, they clean out the pantry after school and still eat dinner!

Dinner is pretty relaxed, we go for the self serve option.  I pile everything onto the table and they serve themselves.  The boy prefers to eat his food in stages (just like me), eating the meat first, followed by each vegetable individually.  The only real ‘rule’ is that their dinner has to be colourful, they can’t just eat food of one colour otherwise they would both fight over eating the pumpkin or the broccoli!  I find that by doing the self serve dinner, we all eat well and we don’t waste much.  It also makes it easy that I can cook too many vegies and have left overs ready to accompany dinner the following day.  It works for us and as a family we generally eat really well (that doesn’t count tonight when we had fish and chips!)

Anyway, now that I have set the scene for what is normal for around here, let me explain my concerns.  Girl-child has lost her appetite and hasn’t been eating as much as she normally would.  School lunches come home barely touched and not wanting to eat much after school.  She is constantly ‘not hungry’ and in fact makes excuses for why she doesn’t eat.  This morning she actually lied about eating breakfast before we were out of bed to avoid eating.  Over this last week, words like “but I’m not hungry”, or “I am full” (when a meal was barely started) have become normal.  Even “Mummy, I’ve got a tummy ache” seems to be heard around meal time as an excuse for her to be excused from meals.   I don’t want to make a big deal of it just yet but it is scaring me.  As a family we are conscious of what we eat.  We talk about eating food that gives us the energy that we need to do all the fun things that we love to do.  We talk about eating a variety of food and generally meal times are a breeze.  We have been lucky to not have fussy eaters and love trying different cuisines with family favourites being Yemeni, Malaysian and Ethiopian.  Now that it has all changed, I am struggling to know what to do.  Admittedly my eating habits leave a lot to be desired.  Sure I blame getting sick last year and the medical complications I have dealt with since then but it is really hard to set a positive example when I physically can’t.  She watched me sit at the table not eating and listened to me explain why I couldn’t eat in the lead up to my procedures.  She saw me struggling with having to fast and drink the horrible pre-procedure preparations.  I have even explained that it was my lack of appetite that led to me having to go to hospital to have cameras put into my stomach to make sure it was OK.  She seems to have understood this but it hasn’t made a difference.

Adding to all of this, we have many friends who are fasting for Ramadan so she is also aware of the concept of fasting for religious reasons as well as for medical reasons.  She has asked if it is OK for her to fast even if she isn’t Muslim, knowing that I fast at least once during Ramadan when I am going to celebrate Iftar with colleagues.  It is difficult to explain that by fasting I am trying to learn the patience and humility and live my life, if only for one day, in someone else’s shoes.

I really don’t know what has brought on this change in her.  There hasn’t been any size related issues that we are aware of, she is fit, healthy and generally very happy.  She really doesn’t want to talk about it and when we try to talk she gets all defensive and angry, at times even crying.  It really isn’t normal behaviour for her at all and I don’t know just how to deal with it.  We already eat most meals as a family and I don’t want to make a huge deal of her lack of appetite for fear it makes her retreat further.

I really thought we would get at least close to teen years before this became an issue.  Any suggestions on what to do to promote healthy happy eating?


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Awesome Sauce and I LOVE Twitter

Today just hasn’t turned out the way I planned but that isn’t a bad thing.

I started off feeling a little blue with all the twitter chatter about the excitement of the Bloggers Brunch and Blogopolis and all of the fun that I was missing out on.  It was easier to avoid Twitter to prevent becoming all dwelly about not going.  I was looking forward to catching up with Trish from My Little Drummer Boys, so that was much better than missing out entirely!  Work changed those plans and I had to cover an event for a colleague so my plans from escaping in time to catch up with Trish went out of the window.

Then as I was sitting around waiting for my physio appointment, I had a quick squiz at Twitter and posted my desire for a ticket to Blogopolis.  Well lets just say the planets must be aligned in my favour.  Thanks to a few re-tweets, I have a ticket headed my way.

And as a Friday bonus, I the physio realigned my ankle and for the first time since I have been home it doesn’t hurt.  I can actually walk without a limp and I am even allowed to start running again next week.  Could the day get any better?  I was thinking no but then found out my new manager at work will no longer be my manager, I get to report to my old manager that actually gets the work that I do and how I work!  Talk about awesome sauce.  To top it off, I am heading out to a work function with most of the guys from Kokoda this year and a few from last year’s trek.

Awesome all the way – today is a GREAT day.


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Wordless Wednesday – the edge of a crater

Physically I am back from my latest trekking adventures, wanting to rejoin blog-land but my mind is still here, in the peace and tranquility of Myola, on the edge of the jungle.

My Favourite Place

 Pop on over to My Little Drummer Boys to see who else is playing along with Aussie Wordless Wednesday.


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It’s a Small (and wonderful) World

A while back I posted a few pics from the day that I joined up with a few fellow bloggers for a gentle stroll around Albert Park Lake as a part of the MS Fun Run (and walk).  I wanted to join in, to take part in the walk but I knew I had a big training session the day before so I didn’t want to commit to something that I might not actually end up participating in.  It turns out that the training session wasn’t that challenging so I figured that I could do with the extra training and at the very last minute, the night before the walk, I posted on the thread on Digital Parents that I wanted to join in and then it was too late to back out, I was committed.

Not having pre-registered for the event, I knew I would have to get there extra early so grabbed my backpack and I jumped on the train to head to the city bright and early on the Sunday morning.  I allowed plenty of time so I didn’t bother checking out the timetables for the trains and trams.  I lucked out with the train and barely had to wait before I could jump on board but I wasn’t so lucky with the tram.  I walked for a bit but didn’t see any trams and when I checked the timetable realised that trams, on that particular line, are practically non-existent of a Sunday morning.  I could either wait on the side of a busy road or just keep on walking.  Not being one to sit and wait when I have places to be, I kept on walking the 3km from the station to Albert Park Lake to register.

Once registered I wandered over to the designated meeting point to wait.  I was a little early and I wanted to know who I was meeting so I grabbed the trusty old iPhone and checked out the pics on Digital Parents and was happy to see that of the people meeting for the event, I knew 2 of them (however one was already out running and would meet us later at the pub) but I didn’t know Cate, the organiser of the event and her pic was of a blonde hiding behind a ginormous camera.  Unless she turned up sporting a giant camera, there wasn’t much chance I would recognise her.  I just hoped that Bec, the blogger I knew would turn up first and life would be easy.

Well clearly life wasn’t meant to be easy. As I sat I saw many a walker walk on by the meeting point to head to the lake and the beginning of the walk.  Eventually someone else came and sat on the garden edging, about the same distance away from the corner but in the other direction.  I wondered if that was the other person I was to meet there.  I kept stealing glances in her direction to see if I could recognise her, or anything that could suggest that she was in fact Cate, the person I was waiting to meet.  Let’s see, she has blonde hair, it could be her.  Not hidden behind a camera though, it was hard to know.  She was checking her phone, it could be her, perhaps checking twitter or Digital Parents for clues as I was.  I could just wait and see if Bec turned up and take it from there but that seemed like too much of a cop out, I imagined Bec turning up and feeling like a complete tool because I wasn’t brave enough to try and meet someone new.  Not very sociable at all.

OK, deep breath, pick up my bag and move closer.  “Mind if I share your step and feel like I am not sitting all on my own waiting?”  I plonked my bag on the footpath and sat down.  Now, how to find out if this was the person I was waiting for through idle random chatter?  Eventually I felt brave enough to ask if she was taking part in the fun run, her response was that she was waiting for the rest of her team, they were meeting there.  The conversation went something like this…  What a coincidence, me too!  What is your team?  Melbourne Bloggers.  Really?  That is who I am waiting for, are you Cate?  Yeah, are you superRelish?

So there you go, we were sitting side by side but didn’t know each other all because we both don’t post many photos of ourselves online!  Oh it didn’t help that I was sitting there, with a ginormous bag (the stupidly heavy backpack that I am lugging along the Kokoda track next month) and there just happened to be outside an accommodation place.  I looked more like a backpacker than an actual backpacker!

Anyway, problem solved, Bec from Julius King Designs arrived and we headed over to the Lake to get ready for the walk.  Conversation just flowed and all my nerves and apprehensions about being there disappeared.  In fact even before the walk began I felt like I had known Cate forever.  It was worlds collide all over the place.  It turns out that Cate and Bec are friends with children attending the same school yet my daughter used to dance at the same dance school as Bec’s daughter about a million years ago.

Cate, me and Bec about to cross the finish line!

After the walk we headed to the pub to meet up with Mandy from a Little Space Like Home and her friend who joined her on the run and Mandy is an old school friend from a million years ago.  We had only just reconnected via blogs so it was great to catch up again after almost *cough* 20 *cough* years.

Mandy, Cate and I - at the pub after the walk

So there you have it.  The world is a huge place but thanks to the wonderful online world, the connections I am lucky enough to make are making me feel stronger and more connected than ever.  I know that I am truly lucky to have met so many wonderful people through this world and am so grateful for this amazing community.  We must have been so convincing about the beauty of the blog community because Kerryn has since joined us in blogland, you should pop over to her little corner of space and say Hi!

A big hug to Cate for her photos – my photos of us are proof that I am no photographer and definitely no portrait taker by any stretch of the imagination!

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