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The shower that I really needed to have

I am pretty sure that everyone knows the phrase “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, well for me the phrase should read “the shower that broke me!” or more accurately, “the shower that I didn’t get to enjoy broke the last semblance of sanity left!”

Sneezing woke me up this morning, endless sneezing.  Rather than stay in bed and wake boy-child completely (he stirred enough to lean out of bed to investigate whatever monster was lurking under the bed!) I decided to continue my sneezing alone, downstairs.  It was before 6am and still dark.  Instead of sitting alone being annoyed that I was awake and that I was sneezing, I decided to make the most of the morning and start on creating the new me – the one who is determined to regain some semblance of fit and healthy.  I pulled on a pair of trekking shoes, only because my runners were no where to be seen, and headed out for Day 1 of the C25K program.

It was cold, I was still sneezy but I felt great for getting out there.  Sure my body was protesting at the cold and my head was imagining I was anywhere else but I was proud to make that first important step to making a real change.  In fact I was so pumped by it I even posted words to that effect on Facebook, in a group that I have been lurking in for a while now…

Enough is enough. Today I really start learning how to move again, starting with the c25k challenge. To get things in to perspective – it has been so long since I have been running that I have no idea where my runners are. Instead of this stopping me, I pulled on my trekking shoes and hit the streets. My body is in a state of shock, my head is all over the shop but I have started. Happy Monday Movers 🙂

I enjoyed the quiet of the morning and the stillness of the house.  I could ignore the headache that never disappears.  I was looking forward to a great day.  School lunches made, and kids only just waking, with an hour before we were required to leave for the back to school madness.  It was the perfect time to go and have a shower.  Of course the best laid plans get thrown out the window when as I go to enter the bathroom I hear, “Oh, there may not be too much hot water left!”

Seriously.  Are you the only f*cking person in this house?  Your actions would certainly indicate so!

Instead of yelling and screaming about how freaking selfish he was.  I threw my clothes on, over a post run sweaty body and stormed off downstairs.  I was so pissed at not having that 5 minutes of luxury that I couldn’t see past it.  I got downstairs and everything just drove me nuts.

The fact that I didn’t get time to do any grocery shopping meaning that meals this week will be made from the little bits of whatever that happens to be in the fridge or freezer.  The fact that I was making dinner for tonight this morning.  The fact that today is just another crap day that can surely only get better.

Moral to the story – don’t get between me and my desire for a shower OR stop being a selfish asshat, your actions and inactions have an impact on others!


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(ir)responsible Parenting

This has been sitting in my draft folder for a few months.  I wasn’t happy with the way the post read, so it has just been sitting there.  The scenario came up in conversation yet again today so I revisited the draft.  I’m still not sure it conveys what I need/want the post to say; that I support man-child and his decision to keep himself and boy-child safe even if it did mean offending friends, but I figure it was worth posting anyway.


Recently man-child and boy-child went to a wrestling event in the city with another friend and his son.  Girl-child was at a friends house for the afternoon and when I went to pick her up they had dinner waiting for us as they knew we would be home alone for the night.  Man-child was planning on driving to the wrestling (crappy weather and a super late night with school the following day isn’t conducive to public transport with kids) but I had the car.  I could have dropped the car to him and walked back to get girl-child but figured that as he was going with a friend who has 2 cars then they could go in his car this time.  No hassles, right?  Wrong, very wrong.  The friend had been at a birthday lunch all day and had been drinking so man-child asked if he could drive them and that wasn’t a problem, the made it to the show safely with plenty of time to spare.

When the show ended the friend asked for the keys back to drive home, man-child refused saying that he wasn’t safe to drive.  If he insisted on driving they wouldn’t get in the car with him, that if he (the friend) was going to drive then man-child and boy-child would catch a cab home.  Apparently, from both accounts, things got pretty heated and uncomfortable but the friend relented and let him drive everyone home.  Naturally man-child was pretty pissed that a friend could be so arrogant and stupid to want to drive home when possibly still over 0.05.  As a side issue, the friend kept falling asleep during the show (apparently it wasn’t very entertaining by his account), he has trouble with authority and following laws and rules that he doesn’t agree with and add to this a history of driving when he probably shouldn’t.  I copped the rant when I got home about how some people could be so socially irresponsible by contemplating drinking and driving yet felt comfortable in the knowledge that my man-child wouldn’t allow our children to travel with anyone who has been drinking.  He was concerned about the messages that were being given out to both kids at the time, with one believing that it is OK to take risks and drive when possibly/probably intoxicated and another not willing to compromise at all – which message would be retained by the easily influenced boys?

After talking to boy-child about his evening and how much fun he had, we checked if he was aware of the risks of drink driving and it appears that he still thinks it is not cool to do.  However we could see that his opinion could be influenced simply by talking about the entertainment of the night – he didn’t know if he should be excited by the show like dad or kind of bored by it as the other boy was when he emulated his fathers opinion.  We don’t know what the other child’s view of drink driving is, but we suspect he would be influenced by his father just as boy-child is influenced by his father and this is what we find difficult – this boy is a friend of boy-child and likely to be someone that will get a car at the earliest opportunity and take unnecessary driving risks.

I really shouldn’t try to for-see so far into the future as the friend has just dropped by to let me know ‘his side of the story’.  He claims that he didn’t have too much to drink, perhaps he was over the limit at the start of the evening but not at the end so he should have been fine to drive.  He believes that no person has the right to not allow him to drive his car in any circumstances.  He agrees that you can provide your opinion on whether a person is safe to drive but not actually prevent them from doing so.  He doesn’t understand that a friend would actually want to keep another friend safe and not want them to hurt themselves or another person by their actions.  He doesn’t understand that even if man-child had taken boy-child home in a cab that he would still feel responsible if anything had happened to him and his son on the way home, believing that you can’t be responsible for another person’s actions.  He also didn’t get that the concern not just about his level of intoxication but about his fatigue after falling asleep a number of times during the show.

Essentially the friend doesn’t get that a person can feel responsible for their own in-action that then may cause trouble for others.  I would never allow my children to travel with someone unsafe to drive and am proud that man-child has the strength to ensure that doesn’t happen either.  I hope that I would be as strong as man-child in his convictions about not letting a friend drive also.  I hate that perhaps I could be that person, the person who doesn’t have the strength to prevent another person from doing something dangerous and illegal.  I would never allow my family to get into the car, but would I stop anyone else?  I just don’t know.   I hate that I am such a non-committal person and try not to get into other peoples arguements and issues.  I did say that I supported man-child and his actions but I don’t think I said it with the conviction that I believe.

I am sure that the moment wasn’t handled with tact – 2 very strong egos competing and not wanting to lose face but essentially it should come down to doing what is safe for all involved.  If there is a chance, even a small chance that a person isn’t fit to drive, then they shouldn’t drive.  Unfortunately the incident seems to have tainted the relationship with the two families.  We don’t have the same pop-in just for a chat rate that we had a few months ago.  I don’t know if it a direct result of the ego clashing or if it is simply the cold Melbourne weather.  I am hoping that it is the weather but afraid that it may not be, I guess only time will tell.

Well months later, time is telling.  The boys are still friends and have spent many days together during the holidays, as for the grownups that is another story entirely.  The men folk have a very strained relationship, not only that, his wife seems to be annoyed at both men and I am an outsider because I don’t drink these days so I just can’t possibly understand.


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One of those days…

***WARNING***  This post contains material that some may find disturbing or vomit inducing.  Read no further if you have a sensitive stomach.

Yep, today was one of THOSE days, a typical work day where the annoying or weird just kind of happened.  Here are a few conversations, real or imagined that did or could have taken place.

Conversation #1

“Honey, I’m home!”     ME:  Mumble, mumble, grump.

“How was your day?”     ME:  “Sh*t!”

“What do you mean by that?”     ME:  “Well I was shoveling shit!”

OK so that conversation didn’t actually happen, only because man-child isn’t actually home from ‘work’ to even contemplate such a conversation.  I am sure that if he were to walk in the door now, and be coherent enough to hold a conversation it would be very similar to that.

conversation #2

ME:  “Come on kids, it is time for bed.  Toilet, teeth and jump in to bed.”  Surprisingly, off they run to the bathroom without me having to get too screechy.  One gets there before the other and kicks the door shut.  Then I hear, “Hey, let me out, I can’t open the door, the door handle is missing!”

Yep, that conversation was real.  The kids looked about for the door handle but had no luck.  Having seen the forts that are currently taking up most of their bedroom, part of the study and even the landing at the bottom of the stairs, I wasn’t game leave the couch in the study to help them look for fear of finding more mess that I didn’t have the energy to deal with.

Conversation #3

ME:  “Come on kids, toilet and bed, hurry up.”   Them:  “We can’t the toilet is blocked and full all the way to the top.”

ME:  (grumbling as I wander into their bathroom to see what the issue was)  “That is disgusting.  Don’t touch anything, just get out and go to bed already.”  (insert liberal eeks and screeches)  Thinking holy crap the toilet is about to overflow and there is more than just water in the bowl.  Where is the toilet roll?  Surely not, they are way too old to try and flush an entire roll of toilet paper.  Why me?  Why on the night that man-child is out…

Unfortunately that conversation was true too although I left out many of the more colourful thoughts and phrases!

So the kids had to climb through their forts to even find their bed as I spent far too many minutes literally shoveling and scooping sh*t instead of reading a chapter or 2 to them as they went to bed.  Armed with a drain snake and heavy duty rubber gloves I set to work.  The drain snake didn’t work so it was time to scoop.  First came out the wads of toilet paper, then what must of been the doomsday poo.

That brings me to conversation #4

ME:  “I found the door knob!”

Yep, that is right, the door knob had somehow managed to fall into the toilet!  The door knob partially blocked the toilet and then someone then buried the door knob in a foul smelling substance (aka the Doomsday Poo), making the seal complete and water-tight.  In all honesty, the Doomsday Poo was probably capable of completely blocking a toilet all on its own!  Now I am just guessing and imagining the though processes that may have been involved but I am sure it went something like this.  I assume that the ‘parent’ of the giant poo tried to rid the bowl of the stink but no amount of flushing helped.  Next step, let’s see if the offending substance that belongs in a toilet, the Doomsday Poo can be forced down the s-bend with the aid of the toilet brush.  Damn, that didn’t work, let’s try flushing again.  Crap, no more flushing or the water will go all over the floor and then who knows what will happen but it can’t be good.  I think it is just better to use one of the other toilets.

Now the kids bathroom has a fully functioning toilet again and has been disinfected.  Apparently the stench has gone but I can’t confirm that, I was too close to it and my judgement may be impaired.  My plans to enjoy a quiet day with girl-child tomorrow are out the window, I will now be replacing the door knob because there was no way in hell I was putting that door knob back on the door!

My apologies for the over share of disgusting but some things are just so gross that they need to be documented.  And to think that is just one sequence of events that shows why today really was one of THOSE days.


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Not a School Day

I am sitting at home today, wishing selfishly that I could enjoy a fun day at home with the kids but instead I am trying to supervise boy-child with his homework whilst keeping girl-child occupied and not distracting the boy.  It is not so much fun as he is very easily distracted.  The kids are home today, not because I felt that they could do with a day of school to save everyone’s sanity but because it is a student free day with three-way conferences to discuss the progress of the students with the teacher.  I am not looking forward to the conference for more many reasons, one being that I think I am intimidated and disappointed in the boy’s teacher.  I know that is a fairly strong statement but let me explain.

Each day, usually on the way home from school and again as we have dinner we talk about our day; what we have done, what we have enjoyed and what we could have done better.  Often the discussion will focus on social relationships more than actual school work to try and combat the underlying bullying issues that boy-child has experienced.  He isn’t the most communicative of kids, perhaps that is something that he gets from me but we seem to be getting by.  Over the past month, things have been starting to change.  On a number of occasions, the boy-child has begun qualifying his statements with “I want to tell you something but please don’t get angry…”  This is usually followed by a statement of something that is happening in class rather than at school in general.

One of the most concerning statements was that he sits on a table in the class all by himself.  The class have set seats for a week or two and are then moved to different seats and working group.  We assumed that everyone had a turn at sitting on their own so we weren’t overly concerned.  We followed up the chat with him last week, asking him who he was sitting with and he said that everyone else had swapped seats but he was still on his own.  It seems that he isn’t included in this revolving seating arrangement because he is a trouble maker and his behaviour is so distracting that he can’t sit next to any other students.  Now it seems to me that if a child’s behaviour is so difficult then perhaps it is time to speak with the parents to discuss their behaviour.   He is adamant that we don’t go to school to make an issue of where he is sitting and we were happy to follow his lead knowing that we had the conference coming up.

Another comment that we found concerning was he now says he “knows how to play the game”.  When we talked to him about it, he explained that his teacher told him to “Just play the game, to say yes even if you don’t care because it is what the other person wants to hear”.  This concerns me greatly, I don’t want him just pretending to agree with someone if he disagrees.  I want him to be able to articulate how he is feeling and to negotiate.  Of course I know when there are times for a person, whether it is a child or a colleague or anyone else, to be able to recognise that there are times that they are required to just sit down, shut up and get on with the task at hand but that situation doesn’t call for someone just agreeing.  I want him to be passionate about the school work he is doing and want to do it not just serve platitudes and play the game.  I think it is showing him how he can be rude and cheeky at best but at worst being deceitful.  Moving on from this, then their is the school report that he sheepishly brought home last Friday.  Without him even seeing what was written inside he asked that I not get annoyed at him.  It was an indication of what he expected I would find inside.

2 years ago he was ahead of where he should be at school.  Even last year, the year from hell school-wise with so much time missing due to injury and illness then social isolation he was doing well in class.  He has always been lazy but the teacher was able to motivate him to actually produce good work and try in class.  This year, the telling sign is the scale recording his work habits, his effort in class and behaviour.  The scale begins at needs attention, then acceptable, very good and excellent.  He has gone from very good down to acceptable and judging from the comments associated with the report, he has just scraped in at acceptable.  Again I am thinking that if a child that demonstrates behaviour that is barely acceptable and is disruptive you would want to work with the parents and child to look at strategies that would help in the classroom.  Of course I am no teacher, it is just a suggestion.

The reports are written in 2 sections, the general section that has the classroom learning and then a section for specialist classes, physical education, art, drama and music.  Reading through his report you would think that the reports had been switched.  He was barely surviving in his regular classes.  He was disinterested and not very co-operative.  It was difficult to grade his writing ability because he rarely did any writing.  Then you look at his artistic based classes and in each discipline it showed that he was a positive contributor in class; he took part in discussions, was happy to write about his learnings and was a pleasure to have in the class.  If I didn’t know better I would think that the reports were mixed up but I know that he loves music, drama and art.  He is quite co-ordinated and is happy to play sport also so that made sense.  The specialist teachers have no trouble communicating with him and having him contribute in class so there is no need for them to want to discuss his behaviour.

In T-minus 2 1/2 hours we will be sitting in his three way conference.  I am feeling nervous already.  I want to be able to show my support for my boy whilst learning about what is not happening in class.  I don’t want to become argumentative, angry or upset.  I want to know what the school can do to support him and what his teachers think that we can do to support his learning at home and make his time at school more productive.  We are making an appointment to meet with a teacher from an alternative school to see if she can suggest ways to get him engaged in class.  Above all, I want to know if his behaviour is so disruptive, why haven’t we been asked to meet with the teachers before because at this stage it feels like he has wasted 6 months at school, causing trouble and losing confidence in his own abilities.

As I sit here typing away, he is happily doing his Information Report that he needs to bring with him to the conference.  I don’t know if he is late in returning it because our communication from home to school is also lacking, but that is another rant entirely.  He has worked solidly for the best part of three hours making sure that his Information Report is just right.  He didn’t want to break for something to eat because he was enjoying what he was doing.   He is almost finished and is already planning what to research for another Information Report.  Why isn’t this replicated in class when he is doing his ‘real’ school work?

I do acknowledge that I only have part of the information in this saga, and the information is being fed to me via a not-very-communicative 8 year old boy.  Hopefully in a few hours I will be better armed to know what is happening with his education and more importantly his happiness and confidence.


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Do you ever have moments when you just want to curl up in a ball and cry?  Right now I am having one of those moments and even the frivolity of Spicks and Specks is doing nothing to cheer me up.  You see I have spent the last few nights frantically copying photos from my laptop to my shiny almost new external drive.  I was proud of myself for working out how to split the drive so that it could act as a time machine and also as a photo storage device.  What I wasn’t proud of is the fact that I didn’t have any real system of backing up photos and as a result they could have disappeared entirely.

Once upon a time I backed up photos on CDs but when 2 of 6 disks of photos from our trip to the USA died without us being able to recover the photos I decided that it really wasn’t a viable option.  Around the same time I found Flickr and I began uploading my favourites here and there before I had a pro account.  When I got my own laptop, I copied all of my old photos on to an external hard drive and began filling up my laptop with far too many photos.  Of course the hard drive that I used?  That was the hard drive that died recently.  Man-child was able to recover 34,000 odd photos but wasn’t able to recover any photos taken at the Empire State Building, a bus tour in New York, the Jersey Shore, photos from the many parks in Princeton, a day Children’s Museum of Manhattan and a truck load of photos from Central Park.  I am sure that there are heaps of other photos that I have lost from that trip that I just can’t remember now.

With the death of that external hard drive I began the process of freaking the hell out.  Slowly I began sifting through the memories, trying to cull the completely crap photos and then upload the ones that were left to Flickr as a secondary storage option.  Simple concept right?  Well of course I used up half of our internet limit within a few days and was relegated to uploading during off-peak hours, the hours when I am sleeping or too busy to do anything other than run around like a crazy person.

Naturally all of this coincided with my laptop being filled to exploding point.  I really had to transfer files and photos if I wanted to be able to look at and edit photos from my new camera.  I began to concentrate once again culling photos in a systematic fashion and moving them to the external drive so that I could upload them off-peak when I had the chance.  I spent hours going through just the photos from 2008.  I managed to transfer all the photos from January to November 2008 with the plan to finish transfing the remainder of 2008 tonight.

Fast forward to about an hour ago, the kids were asleep, the house put back together, the laundry caught up to date and the floors done.   I sat down with my laptop and planned to transfer the photos.  I plugged in the external hard drive nothing happened.  I used all my help desk knowledge and restarted the laptop.  Still no joy.  I unplugged the external drive and went to plug it back in except there was no where to plug it in.  The little port/plug/thingy that the usb cable goes in to was gone and there was something rattling around the case.  I was now the proud owner of a pretty little metal case of uselessness.

Now of course there is a chance that the drive can be repaired but I am afraid to take it in to anywhere to get it fixed – it has almost a years worth of photos and I don’t really want it to leave my side, yet it is totally useless if it is just sitting here.  I seem to be capable of permanently losing photos that are important to me and I am afraid that they will be gone forever, like the photos of climbing Rangitoto on our last trip to New Zealand.  This time the photo loss was courtesy of a dodgy SD card that allowed me to take 4 gig of photos before magically becoming unformatted!  Go figure.  Perhaps all of this is a sign to say stop buying things online or maybe it is a suggestion to not learn how to use my camera and take photos?  I feel like the world is conspiring against me and my ability to keep photos.  Perhaps I should go back to the old fashioned concept of printing the photos although with my luck there is likely to be a very localised fire that burned only my photos.

As you can tell, I am in a pretty crappy defeatist mood right now.  The upside of venting here is that I no longer want to throw my laptop or the defunct external drive.  I still however want to cry when I think of all the photos that at the moment don’t exist.  Hopefully the piece of the drive that has detached itself from the inner working can be reattached and all will be restored with my equilibrium.  I really need to get the kids blog up to date that way if everything else is destroyed at least there will be a document of what the kids have achieved and enjoyed.  In the meantime though, I think I will hibernate from the world of gadgets and electronic stuff that I seem to destroy.


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So rather than writing a complete saga, I shall merely recap via my evening on Twitter.

  1. NOOOOO – an external hard drive full of photos has crashed. Most of the photos from our US adventures are there and may be gone 😦
  2. @aussieellen external drive off to the pc doctor, hopefully for life saving surgery and I am trying to add everything to flickr now.
  3. @davecann it is our original external drive and it is a billion years old. @pokerMC is having some success but it isn’t looking good.
  4. Small steps recovering photos. Looks like they can be accessed and copied one at a time. It may take a while, only 12000 photos to recover.
  5. @mylittledrummer recovering photos one by one is a job for @pokerMC. We are looking through them as he does, so many memories.
  6. @supersarahwhite think these photos don’t want me to keep them. Came back from the US with 6 cds full of photos and 2 discs didn’t make it.
  7. fave photo find to date – boy-child with his tickets to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Broadway.

As you can imagine, words really can’t describe how devastating having so many memories that are MIA.  For some reason I really don’t think I am meant to keep these photos.  Somehow in transit back from the US, 2 of the 6 disks full of photos died and were unrecoverable and now this.  Man-child has sent his night transferring the photos from the now pulled apart external drive.  Her are a few of our favourites that he has been able to recover.

The boy folk walking back from the brook to our tiny little farm house.

Walking Back from the Brook

Boy-child in the kitchen of the farm house, the only room in the house that had a ceiling light!  It was a huge room, he was only 3 but could almost reach from wall to wall!

In the Giant Kitchen

Girl-child and her doll going for an evening walk around the other buildings on the property before going to bed.

A Walk Before Bedtime

Sitting in the grass (amongst all the bugs and creepy critters) after exploring the brook that is hidden behind the trees.

In the Grass

My favourite recovery is a pic of the boy-child sitting in a deli waiting for his breakfast and clutching his tickets to go see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Broadway.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was his favourite movie and he loved seeing it on stage although he didn’t understand why there were variations between the movie and the production.

Excited about his Tickets

Can you believe just how little my monsters are.  So many memories, I really hope we can recover the photos.  The drive needs to cool down now, but hopefully it will still allow a few more photos to be recovered, hopefully 12000 or so.  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime, I MUST upload my photos to Flickr.


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Angst of an 8 Year Old

So today was the first day back at school and it was a cold and drizzly day.  I was running late so I drove to school to collect the kids.  When I got there boy child quickly handed over his music bag and clarinet saying he had something more important to do and promptly dragged a few lego pieces from his pocket.  As soon as he saw me look at the Lego, he hung his head and handed them over .  Now I am quite often a pretty free-range parent and the kids get heaps of freedom but the rules I have I stick to.  One of the rules I have is that Lego doesn’t get taken out of the house.

When boy-child first started school he made a new friend.  This boy was in his class but in the grade above him, and almost 2 years older than my boy.  This seemed to make little difference, they were great friends and spent much of their time playing with Bionicles.  I could see how important they were too him so I let him take Bionicles to school.  I justified it by saying they weren’t real Lego and that I didn’t want to play with them anyway so I wasn’t going to get too upset if he lost pieces.  (If real Lego were lost I would be upset – I LOVE Lego!)

At the end of the boy’s first year at school, he and the other boy were in different classes and had very little to do with each other for the next two years.  This year however, they are friends again but this time round I am not so happy about it.  I have watched their interactions and can feel subtle undertones of manipulation.  My boy is very eager to please and easily led.  Whilst he dosen’t have truck loads of friends, he is friendly with many kids but when he is friends with this boy, he has no other friends.  It is as if he is only allowed to be friends with this one boy and only him.

Anyway, back to the story.  Boy-child handed over the Lego he knew he wasn’t to have at school and then sulkily moved away from me.  When girl-child arrived out in the play ground he refused to walk with us.  He threatened to no come home but slowly followed us to the car.  When I asked him if he wanted to walk home to have time to think he said he was thinking now and didn’t want to walk.  He threw his bag to the ground and hid behind a tree to ‘think’.  I realised that it was more than just me temporarily confiscating his Lego that was making him angry.

When we got home he was still simmering with rage and didn’t want to discuss it.  I let it go until after dinner at which point he said he would talk to me about it, but only me and only if we were upstairs.  The conversation unfolded just as I expected it to, with boy-child telling me he was angry at me for taking his Lego away.  He also said he was angry at himself because he knew that he wasn’t allowed to take Lego to school.  We were off to a great start.  When I asked him why he took the Lego to school even though he knew he wasn’t allowed to, things got a little messy.  He tried to explain to me that if he didn’t have any Lego to play with he wouldn’t have any friends.  He explained that he didn’t have anyone to play with at the end of first term because I wouldn’t let him take Lego to school.  (Feeling like mum of the year at this point!)  He said that his best friend wouldn’t play with him if he didn’t play Lego and that the other kids that play with him wouldn’t be allowed to play with him either.   He didn’t want to have no one to play with at school again.

How do you explain to an 8 year old that a person who is going to exclude you from games because you don’t have the right toy to play with really isn’t your friend?  I couldn’t come up with a decent answer.

We talked about when they used to play Bionicles at school and boy-child explained that he would take extra Bionicles to share just in case someone else didn’t have one to play with (I had wondered why his school bag was full of Bionicles).  He knows that his desire to share is a part of being friendly but he doesn’t understand why other kids wouldn’t share.  I don’t understand why other kids don’t share either.  I really hope that he can see that his best friend is only his friend when he is doing exactly as he is told, that their friendship is based on the other boy getting what he wants, when he wants it.

We talked about what the other kids that he spends time with and what they do at school and apparently most of them take Lego to school.  The only strategy we could come up with is for him to take a 2 square ball to school and try to find someone else to play with.  It isn’t much of a strategy but it is all we can come up with.  I hope that the Lego bug passes quickly and we can move on.  I see more Bionicle buying on eBay as an antidote.


Posted by on April 12, 2010 in things that make you go grrr