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Working out what to feed the kids…

Life is busy, I get that and I need to work out strategies to be able to ensure that we all get healthy and ideally delicious meals.  With someone who has battled disordered eating, I also need to make sure that I make time to eat as I find it too easy to make excuses to skip meals.  I know that I should menu plan, but not only is it the struggle to work out what to cook, but it is now a case of when to cook it.  Life is getting busier and I know that the kids have missed out on so many opportunities because I have been ‘absent’ so I don’t want them to miss out any more.  It is now time for me to work out the logistics of how I can actually achieve the lofty goal of getting the kids to where they need to be and being able to feed them!

Here goes trying to work out what can be made and when…

As long as there is food in the house, breakfasts and school lunches can just be made up along the way, it is dinner that needs the work and planning.

Monday – Kids are at work with me for a sport and rec program, we should be home at 6.  The boy-child needs to be fed and out the door for Scouts by 6.40 at the latest.  Dinner needs to be prepped, cooked and eaten in less than 40 minutes!

Tuesday – I am actually attempting to do something for myself – I have signed up for a new hockey class (the one I want to do doesn’t fit in with the commitments of other members of the family so hello a new night and another night of dinner challenges) so I leave here at 4.45 and won’t be back til 8 or so.  Dinner needs to be made before I leave for hockey.

Wednesday – Finish work at 4 and head home to collet the kids, we have to be out the door by 4.30 for their classes/sport.  Get home around 6.30.  Make sure that there is a substantial meal/snack ready for the kids to eat after school so that they have the energy for classes.  Ideally the second round of dinner would also be prepared before we get back.

Thursday – I work an unofficial split shift.  In the almost 2 hours between, make dinner and hang with the kids.  Get home from work around 8.30, most likely too tired to eat myself and will crawl into bed after saying goodnight to the kids.

Friday – Hooray for the one night of the week that I don’t have to work late, run around after kids or do anything specific.  The one night where I really want to just eat takeout but realise that we have a huge day ahead starting crazy early so need to eat something healthy!

Saturday – the day begins at dark o’clock with sports and doesn’t finish until stupidly late if we manage to make it to all commitments.  Ideally I will have prepared savoury muffins, zucchini slice and snacks to take.  Reality will be feeding the kids toast as we run out the door, a few protein snacks for them after training and the rest of the day will be whatever we can get our hands on.  Of course that translates to hot chocolates to defrost and hot chips because they smell so good.  Perhaps we will sneak home for an hour or so, or maybe even out to stock up on food for the coming week, more than likely we will grab more fast food to round off the day.

Sunday – more training that begins at even darker o’clock, followed by more sport.  If we are lucky, I will get time to go and get food for the coming week, if I am really lucky I will delegate the job of getting food for the week!  Ideally I will even prepare a batch of meals that can be heated quickly during the week.  Realistically, it will be more the case that I will be so overwhelmed by it all that I will hope that the fridge and cupboards are miraculously able to refill themselves with delicious meals and I can enjoy not being busy for 3 seconds.

Somehow, I need to work out when to menu plan and shop so that I can make a week’s work of meals on the day of the week that is yet to be found or get up even earlier in the morning to make breakfast, lunch and dinner before leaving for work!

Any recommendations for healthy, energy packed meals that are easy to prepare and reheat?

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Wordless Wednesday – All I want is one cute photo…

Squinty and off centre

Not quite right

Strange and chipmunky

Getting better, but not looking

Huzzah! Finally a decent photo

I am joining in with Trish for Aussie Wordless Wednesdays.

Head over to My Little Drummer Boys and see who else is playing along.


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Spring is Here

Spring is finally here with the promise of warmer weather and sunshine.  Sure it may be overcast and drizzly right now but simply knowing that it a season filled with the promise of beautiful days and blue skies is enough to lift my mood.

Vibrant and alive

I am using the start of the season to turn over a new leaf.  I want to find the best possible me that is hiding within.  To do this I am going to attempt to make a few changes.  I know that already I am over scheduled so I am going to practice saying NO.  I don’t need to do everything, or be everything for everyone all of the time.  I am going to (try) and prioritise and make some time for me.  Time that doesn’t involve the pressure to do journal readings for uni or running around for other people.  I will do the things that are important to me and recognise that my world won’t cease just because I can’t do everything.  I want to make time to enjoy the wonderful things that I do, and the great life that I am to busy to enjoy.

I WILL enjoy the sunshine whenever I can, I will relax, breathe and enjoy.

By doing this I will have time to be a better partner, parent and friend and most importantly be a better me.


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Sundays in my City #65 – A walk in the bush

I have gone from not having any photos to post for Sundays in my City to having way too many.

Unknown Mami

Since my interpretation of Sundays in my City is to highlight a geographical area rather than the actual events of the Sunday, this weeks installment is of the area I explored as a part of my training.  Did I mention that this time in 2 weeks I will actually be on the Kokoda Track again?  I can’t wait!  In the meantime, here are photos from yesterdays training in Werribee Gorge where we hiked for 17km, up and down giant hills, through slushy mud, along rock faces and beside the river.

Starting Out for the Island (the hill in the background is called the Island)

Around and Up, and Up and still more Up

At the Bottom of the Gorge

A resting place for lunch

I really must say that I am so lucky to be able to say that a day spent walking through some amazing bush land with fantastic people can be considered work!

 Head over to Unknown Mami and check out some of the adventures others have had during their Sundays in my City.


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Sundays in my City #63 – I’ve Got Nothing!

For the past few weeks I have loved my contributions to Sundays in my City.  I have been places and done things that have been great to share.  This week?  Not so much.  To be honest, I really haven’t done anything this week and shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I must may have misplaced my point and shoot camera!  As a result, all I have to offer is one measly little photo, and not even a photo that I took, one that man-child took after the girls soccer game this morning.  I couldn’t be at the game (hello work obligations) so he sent me a photo of them bouncing up and down as they sang the team song after winning the game.

Soccer Stars

And in typical ‘I wasn’t there to see it’ fashion, she actually played a game that loosely resembled soccer, had an assist and the team won.  Typi-bloody-cal!  Oh well, there is always next week, and the week after…

Unknown Mami

 Head over to Unknown Mami and check out some of the adventures others have had during their Sundays in my City.


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Another Monday

It is Monday on a Tuesday and it just doesn’t seem right.  After a fantastic extra long weekend, the Monday-ness of today is doing my head in.  I guess it has something to do with holiday mode and not being organised.

Last night, just after tucking the kids in and reminding them that there was no lego/uno/arts and craft/movie watching/driving me totally nuts before they were dressed and ready for school and that included being dressed and having blankets put away (or at least out of my sight!).  I planned to head to bed right after they settled but luckily remembered that the school clothes, well they were still in a dirty smelly heap in the hamper.  Instead of climbing into bed, I was off to do the laundry, and watch some tv as I waited.  Laundry done and hung out I climbed into bed, still early enough to get a decent sleep, especially as I turned off my alarm to give myself another holiday from early morning training.

Then comes today, the ‘other’ Monday.  I didn’t want to get out of bed, so I stayed there as long as possible, but was still the first up.  I couldn’t tell if the school clothes were still wet or just freezing to touch so I dragged them inside to strategically place each item over a heater.  The girl’s school lunch bag was still in the machine and totally wet, so I hung it over a heater to dry as I went about getting lunches ready.

Next thing I knew there was mayhem – the lunch bag had fallen to close to the heater and was smoking, the smoke set of the smoke detector (hooray it works!) and the noise woke up the boy!  The bag was salvaged, albeit a little singed along the top and the kids were both up to get ready for school.

Drama number 2 – the breakfast and lunch production line.  Girl-child had requested tomato on sourdough toast for breakfast and sourdough sandwiches for lunch, also with tomato.  I still can’t find the container she takes sliced tomato to school in, but I did find a substitute, so that wasn’t the drama.  The drama was the toast, or at least the bread I was using.  I cooked the toast and tomato and she dug in to her breakfast.  I cooked the boy’s toast (no sourdough for him, plain old multigrain for my boy – only 4 slices today!) and added vegemite before moving onto the lunch production.  That was when I discovered that the sourdough bread was mouldy, or at least the first 6 slices were.  The toast that was made for the girl came from within those same 6 slices so there is a fair chance that she ate mouldy toast for breakfast!  She didn’t complain and she isn’t sick so fingers crossed all will be well.

did manage to get them out of the house to get to school in time and fortunately there hasn’t a third drama, yet.  I am almost certain that the school will call to say one of the monsters is sick or injured so I am crossing my fingers and toes just in case.  In the meantime I am tempted to crawl back into bed and pretend that today doesn’t exist.



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Sundays in my City #63 – Another Beautiful Day in Melbourne

Last week I posted pictures of my wanderings through Melbourne and the view along the Yarra River.  Today I went wandering along the Yarra River again, but this time a little further upstream at Yarra Bend Park.  It was less than 10km from where I took the photos last week, but probably 20km upstream if you followed the bends of the river, yet it was like being in another part of the country entirely.

The Murky Waters of the Yarra

This sign caused some concern, the kids were convinced that if the sign suggested that there were snakes then they had to look out for them.  Sure the sun was shining but it was way too cold for snakes.

The Sign that Scared them Off

Once they realised that there were no snakes to be found, or they forgot to be afraid of them, adventures were to be had.

Off to Explore

Friends finding treasures

Letting man-child 'rest'!

Another great day was had exploring our wonderful city and still another day of the long weekend is left!

Unknown Mami

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