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Making a Come Back

So it seems that I will be making a comeback to the world of personal blogging.  I have been loitering in the world of social media, wanting to get back in there but didn’t know where to start. Now I have a starting point – I am joining in with a some awesome peeps who are all a part of a Facebook group that started off as Operation Move – a super supportive group of people encouraging each other to get out there and get moving. I haven’t been so active in the group, or in real life and my mind and body are showing the effects.

Within this group, there are a few of us who would be happy to shed a few kilos, find a healthier way to live or generally want to be accountable about their food consumption and exercise levels. Together we are all taking part in My Blackmores, an online health and wellness group and will all hopefully find a new healthier way of living, perhaps even shedding a few kilos along the way. My main goal for joining in is all of the reasons I have listed above, to get healthier, to eat better, find more energy and be more accountable about what I eat and do.

For far too long, I have been lacking in energy and motivation, have been fighting the ill-effects of whatever it is that has been ailing me. Recovery isn’t happening on its own so now it is time to actually make some real changes. So, tomorrow morning I will be starting off on a 2 week detox. I think I may have dived into the deep end but I figure that a low cal, clean eating plan for a couple of weeks will set me up for a future of better health. Wish me luck!

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Spring is Here

Spring is finally here with the promise of warmer weather and sunshine.  Sure it may be overcast and drizzly right now but simply knowing that it a season filled with the promise of beautiful days and blue skies is enough to lift my mood.

Vibrant and alive

I am using the start of the season to turn over a new leaf.  I want to find the best possible me that is hiding within.  To do this I am going to attempt to make a few changes.  I know that already I am over scheduled so I am going to practice saying NO.  I don’t need to do everything, or be everything for everyone all of the time.  I am going to (try) and prioritise and make some time for me.  Time that doesn’t involve the pressure to do journal readings for uni or running around for other people.  I will do the things that are important to me and recognise that my world won’t cease just because I can’t do everything.  I want to make time to enjoy the wonderful things that I do, and the great life that I am to busy to enjoy.

I WILL enjoy the sunshine whenever I can, I will relax, breathe and enjoy.

By doing this I will have time to be a better partner, parent and friend and most importantly be a better me.


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In a Funk – Rambling bits and pieces

I met up with a colleague for a coffee (well actually a soy hot chocolate but that just doesn’t read quite right!) and he said I seemed flat.  He was right, I am feeling flat.  I am tired, cold, grumpy and just a tad emotional.  Yep, I am in a funk and I don’t really know how to get myself out of it just yet.  I thought I would try to write it out but I couldn’t find the words, or at least the words that I can post here in a space that I am not sure is my own any more.  When the words wouldn’t flow, I thought I would browse through my draft folder to see what I could find to fill in the gaps, to maybe makes sense of my head space.


So it is the middle of the night and I am awake and I don’t really know why.

Perhaps it is about sitting around watching movies that all fit the same formula – person with dreams is confronted by adversity, they overcome the challenge and of course they all live happily ever after.  I wander downstairs realising that sleep just isn’t happening, thinking that perhaps watching some crappy middle of the night tv will send me to the land of nod.  I flick through the channels and the pickings are slim.  Just as I am about to give up I stumble across Jerry Maguire, a movie that I love but haven’t seen in  forever.  Instead of making me tired, it makes me even more contemplative;  here is a movie about a guy that has a dream and works his butt of to succeed.  I know every man and his dog is likely to know the movie better than I do but in my 30 second summary, Jerry fixes his life and of course he succeeds and in doing so he fixes the lives of the important people around him and they all live happily ever after, The End.

Well that is pretty much what I want.  It isn’t too much to ask for?


Well that was as far as I made it with that post.  Yet another incomplete story that I am going to attempt to finish, or at least make some sense of…

What I had written there really isn’t too far removed from my current head space.  So my current funk?  This is how I see it.  My biggest problem is that I don’t have any goals or dreams other than the obvious – watch my kids grow up and be happy within themselves and that they enjoy their lives.  Whilst I know that is something I want with all of my heart I know that I really should find some dreams, something that is mine, something to be passionate about, but where to start?  Sure I have a list of things I should do, and things I need to do but they aren’t things that currently light the fire in my belly, that get me going and keep me inspired or motivated.

In reality, I am living the perfect life with a beautiful house, perfect family, in a great neighbourhood surrounded by friends.  Whilst not ‘well off’ by any stretch of the imagination we do manage to pay the bills (usually on time!) and occasionally have a litle left over to do something fun or extravagant.  Life really is good but I feel like a prat because it isn’t enough.  I want more, I want something but I don’t know what it is and it is driving me nuts.  I feel like I am going through the motions but not really living.  Am I logical and practical or creative and spontaneous?  At the moment I try to be both but am in constant conflict and logical and practical wins, things get done when I am practical.

Maybe that is it, maybe there are too many ‘things’ that need doing.  Maybe I need to get rid of some of the ‘things’ and make sense of what is left.  Perhaps I should take time off work and deal with uni so that it is one less thing to have to worry about, one less thing to fit in to a crazy busy schedule?  Perhaps I should just realise that uni just isn’t right for me right now.  It wouldn’t be giving up, it would simply be deferring the insanity, ideally to a less crazy time.  Maybe the kids don’t need to be involved in as many activities but then I think that if they miss out on doing something they love because of the funk I am in, the mother guilt will kick into overdrive and deepen the funk,  Perhaps that isn’t such a great idea after all!  Maybe it is all just a funk that I am tired and grumpy and I will wake up feeling alive.

Who knows?  I do know that sitting here, trying to ignore the pile of reading beside me that I just can’t bring myself to actually read and make sense of isn’t helping with the funk.  I think it might be time to go to bed, hope for a decent sleep and the motivation fairies to visit and deliver a great day tomorrow that will lift me from the funk and fill me with passion and inspiration.


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Finishing Things – a To Do List

It seems of late that I am very slack at finishing things.  I have so many Works in Progress that I really don’t know where to start.  I figure if I make a nice long and boring list here, perhaps I will feel accountable and actually get some of it done.

Around the House

  • Get rid of the toddler bed that is in the girl-childs room.  The plan was that it would be used as a window seat/couch for her but instead it is just a storage place for all of her bits and pieces and makes her room look even messier than it needs to be.  As I dismantle the bed, I will help her clean out the piles of stuff she has shoved in every nook and cranny.  Anyone need an Ikea extendable bed?
  • Fix the drawers under the bed in boy-childs room.  He normally stores his nerf guns in the drawers but since they don’t work properly, he has an excuse for leaving them lying about.
  • Donate toys and books that haven’t been played with or read in forever.
  • De-bomb my study.  My study area is basically a dumping ground for anything that doesn’t have a house.  It is filled with art and craft stuff, knitting and sewing, about a million different projects in varying stages of completion.  I really should be ruthless and work out what can be done, get it done or get rid of it.  If I can manage to do that then perhaps there is a chance there will be a space available to actually work in!
  • Ebay or donate stuff that we don’t need.
Stuff for Me
  • I really need to start studying.  I am doing 2 subjects at the moment that I really haven’t started.  I have assessments for both due in 2 weeks and barely know where to begin.  I am hoping that if I get a study space sorted, whether it is my study or the space the kids use, I might get some work done.
  • Realistically, I should apply for study leave that way I have no excuses and have to get some work done.
  • More exercise.  I am back running (well except for the last 3 days when I couldn’t be far from a bathroom!)  I am feeling good but my ankle still isn’t back to full strength so I need to do more of the exercises that the physio has suggested to prevent further injury when I go back to netball this week.
  • Empty my draft folder.  There are heaps of posts in varying degrees of completion in my draft folder that I need to either post or delete.  If I am going to be ruthless around the house I need to do the same here.
Of course there are all the typical things that need doing, the laundry, cleaning, shopping and running around after kids but they are all known and unavoidable.  Hopefully by listing (some of) the other often forgotten things I need to do, I might actually get them done, then if there is a little more space in the house I will be able to make some more space in my own head.

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What a Sh*tty Day

Yesterday was a sh*tty day for a number of reasons but the main reason being that it was the day before today, the day in which I would be poked and prodded and cameras inserted into places that cameras should not go.  I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon doing the mad dash to the bathroom as a part of the pre-procedure cleanse.  To say it wasn’t much fun would be an understatement.  The mad bathroom dashes continued well into the night so my sleep was a more than a little disrupted.  Add to that the clear liquid diet that had to be followed yesterday (no solids, only liquids that I could see through and that translates to nothing nice!) and fasting from before I woke this morning and I wasn’t much of a happy chappy!

I didn’t have to check in to the hospital until just after noon today so I spent the morning listening to my tummy rumble with the occasional mad dash to the bathroom.  I spent most of my time editing photos and procrastinating.  I did attempt to get stuff done but instead crawled back in to bed for a nap.

Eventually it was time to head in to the hospital and to continue waiting, and waiting and waiting some more.  Luckily I packed a book with me, a nice easy no brainer.  The down side of that was finishing the book and having to sit around and wait some more.  I tried to sleep out of boredom but the chairs were uncomfortable and being in a hospital gown meant I really shouldn’t put my legs up on a chair for fear of traumatising the locals!

It was time to drag out the phone and see what was happening with the rest of the world.  A Cajun Down Under and Sarah of  The Super White inspired me with their delicious concoction – a Krispy Kreme Burger.  Now I can’t eat the donuts, but I was so freaking hungry that I would forgo the stomach cramps just to scoff a burger then and there.  I sat and drooled a the amazing photos that Sarah had taken and wished that I was anywhere other than sitting in a hospital waiting room!

One by one, the waiting room emptied until I was the lone person sitting there.  My phone was keeping me sane, even if it did take forever to load tweets and blog feeds.  So long in fact that it kept dropping out whenever I tried to comment on blogs so I gave up on commenting and stuck to reading.

Finally, it was my turn.  I wandered in to the theatre and had a lay down.  The staff were all lovely as they poked and prodded prior to the lights going out.  I did see the cameras, they weren’t large but they were long.  I didn’t ask which one would go where but could probably guess based on the length of the appendage it was a part of!  Luckily it was lights out just as I began thinking the not happy thoughts of the cameras and where they would end up.

Next thing I know I am in recovery, wide awake and ready to sit up and more importantly, ready to drink.  I downed a litre of water in record time and still wanted more.  The good news is that the doctor didn’t need to stick around to tell me any bad news.  Final results won’t be in for a while but I am not really expecting anything exciting!

Phone calls were made home and before I knew it man-child was there to pick me up and take me home where I could eat and drink to my hearts content.  I may have just overindulged in chocolate and trying to forget that I accidentally found another block of chocolate ‘hidden’ in the kitchen!

Now, the kids are in bed, man-child is out and I am thinking that after such a strenuous day of sitting around waiting all day long, I might just go to bed too.  No point sitting around where all the things I need to do are in front of me, the tidying, laundry or even the study – they can all wait!  Besides, it is much harder to eat a block of chocolate when there are 2 flights of stairs between me in bed and its hiding place.

Thanks to having a general anaesthetic, I am not allowed to drive for 24 hours so that means no work for me again tomorrow.  The down side is that I will have to catch the train to get to my physio appointment (that happens to be right near work) in the morning.  Clearly I didn’t think that through when I booked a 9.30 appointment, but at least I will be out and about and maybe even find time to do something nice!


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And in other news…

It is time to take a break, even if just for a few seconds, from all things Kokoda and to live in the now.

I have been back for just over a week and I have been crazy busy.  I had planned to take a day off work when I returned just to get organised before diving back into work but with the flight cancellations and an overnight delay, my day off became a day in transit and I headed straight back to work bright and early the following morning.  I worked all week and half of the weekend too when in actual fact I should have taken time off to let my ankle recover.  In fact I have come back to truckloads of work and what appears to be a tense and dysfunctional office.  I have so much work to do but today I will spend my day in the meeting of doom to look at where our office is going from here, in a work capacity and also in a physical capacity.  Naturally it won’t be a productive meeting because there are too many emotions involved, where changes are being made without consultation and as a result colleagues will be having tantrums because they aren’t getting what they want.

Sure I know change is good and I am ready to change it up but I was hoping to change up life outside of work, to find new passions elsewhere, I I really love my job as it is.  I don’t mind doing the crazy hours and extra shifts because I love what I am doing and I believe in what I am doing.  It also helps that my current location is convenient for me to get to and I don’t waste hours each day commuting.  If all of that changes, I don’t know how much longer I will want to stick around.

Of course, work stuff aside, things in the house of superRelish are crazier than ever with more activities to be juggled so my week of after school madness now look like this.

Monday – football clinics for the boy and hip-hop for the girl, fortunately at the same location

Tuesday – ice hockey

Wednesday – work late to enable an early finish of a Friday

Thursday – work later and take the girl to soccer training

Friday – circus class for both monsters

Saturday – ice skating

Sunday – soccer match

On top of this I have to squeeze in more physio sessions for the ankle of dodgyness and also make time to do more of the strengthening exercises so my ankle doesn’t dislocate again – big priority!

And here I am thinking that I would find some time to do something for me.  Oh wait I am – uni is back so somehow I have to work out when I will study too!  Luckily man-child had an uber productive weekend and prepared heaps of food to eat for dinners this week so it is one less thing I need to think about.

Whilst I am on a ranty roll – in the excitement of heading to Kokoda, I stuffed up the dates of my work obligations and didn’t buy a ticket to Blogopolis thinking that I would be working.  Well it turns out I am working on Sunday not Saturday so now I have no plans but I also have no ticket.  It looks like I will be having a pity party all of my own, unless of course you know of someone who can’t attend and wants to sell their ticket!

Maybe thinking all these thoughts is what kept me in the land of insomnia last night?  I gave in at 4.40am and checked what time it was, hoping that it was almost time to get up as I knew sleep was far far away.  Now that it is just after 7 and time to think about heading to work I am starting to get tired.  Hopefully everyone in the meeting of doom will be so peeved off that I will be able to either edit photos on the laptop or use Twitter to keep me distracted and entertained.

Now that I have had my rant, I need to be honest – living in the memories of the fun of the jungle is much better than the madness that is my now, excuse me if I just go and hide in some photos for a while longer…


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The many colours of a Cankle

I was looking forward to walking the track this year, I was as fit as I have ever been and knowing what was ahead of me put me in good mental stead to enjoy every step of the way.  Of course that would be WAY too easy so I injured myself.

If you can see on the map above, at about hour 4.5 right over on the left side, as it was pouring down rain and visibility was reduced, I rolled my ankle.  I managed to not hit the ground and keep on hobbling but it hurt, it hurt a lot.  I was too angry to stop straight away to see what damage was done, instead kept walking hoping that I would walk through the pain.  After about half an hour of limping, I realised that I couldn’t walk through it.  By that stage another group of trekkers (from our group) had caught up to us and one of them strapped my ankle for a bit of support.  I really couldn’t just stop, there was still another few hours of walking ahead of me for the day, we had to make it to Isurava for the night.

When we made it in to camp it was a case of sit around and let everyone else do things for me, I was under strict instructions to rest as best I could.  When the paramedic arrived into camp he re-strapped my ankle and dished out the painkillers.

First visit to the paramedic - before the bruising set in!

There began my daily routine; ankle strapping first thing in the morning, voltaren chaser with breakfast, ibuprofen for morning tea and panadol for lunch to keep the pain at bay.  I very quickly earned the most frequent flyer miles with the paramedic!

Eventually after a few more days of trekking and a few twangs of ligaments in my ankle, it stopped hurting and just started to go clunk as it slipped in and out of alignment.  I was very thankful that I had a hiking pole with me to use as a crutch to take my weight as I walked.

Most days I would take photos of the multicolours of my foot as the bruising developed and to show the swelling and just keep on walking.

Pretty Colours for a Cankle!

With the reduced stability in my ankle, even when strapped, I would somehow manage to continue to roll my ankle and rip the tape, requiring it to be restrapped most days!

Ready for restrapping so I can keep on walking

Taking so many foot photos made me thankful that I bothered to paint my toenails before we left!

Purple toenails and purple toes!

I kept the paramedic very busy (poor bloke!). I think that he used a dozen rolls of tape to hold my ankle (somewhat) together over the 100km that I walked with it strapped.

One final visit to the paramedic on the last day!

Now that I am home, I am trying to rest and take it easy.  One of the first things I did upon returning was to have the damage assessed.  The doctor, not my regular doctor, looked at me like I was a freak when I explained that I had walked 100km on a damaged ankle.  He was of the opinion that I shouldn’t be walking at all.

I am happy to report that there are no broken bones but I do have a torn anterior talofibular ligament that is allowing my ankle to slip out of joint.  It is still swollen but the bruising is all but gone.  I am off to the physio again tomorrow to see if he can work some more magic so I can get back to exercise and try to strengthen the joint.  Until I get the all clear though, it is a very sedentary life for me.

**Edited to add**  The ankle isn’t healing as well as hoped and somehow even whilst my ankle has been strapped, I have been taking it easy AND doing the strengthening exercises required of me, my fibia has slipped out of place.  The physio relocated it yesterday and it hurts like hell now.  More resting, more waiting, more frustration and no exercise.  Grrrr, I miss getting up and going for a jog.


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