Finishing Things – a To Do List

19 Aug

It seems of late that I am very slack at finishing things.  I have so many Works in Progress that I really don’t know where to start.  I figure if I make a nice long and boring list here, perhaps I will feel accountable and actually get some of it done.

Around the House

  • Get rid of the toddler bed that is in the girl-childs room.  The plan was that it would be used as a window seat/couch for her but instead it is just a storage place for all of her bits and pieces and makes her room look even messier than it needs to be.  As I dismantle the bed, I will help her clean out the piles of stuff she has shoved in every nook and cranny.  Anyone need an Ikea extendable bed?
  • Fix the drawers under the bed in boy-childs room.  He normally stores his nerf guns in the drawers but since they don’t work properly, he has an excuse for leaving them lying about.
  • Donate toys and books that haven’t been played with or read in forever.
  • De-bomb my study.  My study area is basically a dumping ground for anything that doesn’t have a house.  It is filled with art and craft stuff, knitting and sewing, about a million different projects in varying stages of completion.  I really should be ruthless and work out what can be done, get it done or get rid of it.  If I can manage to do that then perhaps there is a chance there will be a space available to actually work in!
  • Ebay or donate stuff that we don’t need.
Stuff for Me
  • I really need to start studying.  I am doing 2 subjects at the moment that I really haven’t started.  I have assessments for both due in 2 weeks and barely know where to begin.  I am hoping that if I get a study space sorted, whether it is my study or the space the kids use, I might get some work done.
  • Realistically, I should apply for study leave that way I have no excuses and have to get some work done.
  • More exercise.  I am back running (well except for the last 3 days when I couldn’t be far from a bathroom!)  I am feeling good but my ankle still isn’t back to full strength so I need to do more of the exercises that the physio has suggested to prevent further injury when I go back to netball this week.
  • Empty my draft folder.  There are heaps of posts in varying degrees of completion in my draft folder that I need to either post or delete.  If I am going to be ruthless around the house I need to do the same here.
Of course there are all the typical things that need doing, the laundry, cleaning, shopping and running around after kids but they are all known and unavoidable.  Hopefully by listing (some of) the other often forgotten things I need to do, I might actually get them done, then if there is a little more space in the house I will be able to make some more space in my own head.

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2 responses to “Finishing Things – a To Do List

  1. Trish

    August 20, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    I have the same problem finishing things Del, both at home , my blog and for work.
    I blame twitter, FB …my BAD !
    Ps I need to get back running but still getting over my cold (that’s my excuse till tomorrow)
    You have inspired me no doubt a lot ! if I can just get off computer tonight.

    • superrelish

      August 21, 2011 at 10:01 am

      I have finally ticked a few things off the must be finished list. It is still far too long but moving in the right direction again. As for exercise, no excuses for either of us now, we can both get back in to running again. My plan is to be somewhere around the river as the sun attempts to rise tomorrow, hopefully setting the scene for a great day.


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