What a Sh*tty Day

18 Aug

Yesterday was a sh*tty day for a number of reasons but the main reason being that it was the day before today, the day in which I would be poked and prodded and cameras inserted into places that cameras should not go.  I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon doing the mad dash to the bathroom as a part of the pre-procedure cleanse.  To say it wasn’t much fun would be an understatement.  The mad bathroom dashes continued well into the night so my sleep was a more than a little disrupted.  Add to that the clear liquid diet that had to be followed yesterday (no solids, only liquids that I could see through and that translates to nothing nice!) and fasting from before I woke this morning and I wasn’t much of a happy chappy!

I didn’t have to check in to the hospital until just after noon today so I spent the morning listening to my tummy rumble with the occasional mad dash to the bathroom.  I spent most of my time editing photos and procrastinating.  I did attempt to get stuff done but instead crawled back in to bed for a nap.

Eventually it was time to head in to the hospital and to continue waiting, and waiting and waiting some more.  Luckily I packed a book with me, a nice easy no brainer.  The down side of that was finishing the book and having to sit around and wait some more.  I tried to sleep out of boredom but the chairs were uncomfortable and being in a hospital gown meant I really shouldn’t put my legs up on a chair for fear of traumatising the locals!

It was time to drag out the phone and see what was happening with the rest of the world.  A Cajun Down Under and Sarah of  The Super White inspired me with their delicious concoction – a Krispy Kreme Burger.  Now I can’t eat the donuts, but I was so freaking hungry that I would forgo the stomach cramps just to scoff a burger then and there.  I sat and drooled a the amazing photos that Sarah had taken and wished that I was anywhere other than sitting in a hospital waiting room!

One by one, the waiting room emptied until I was the lone person sitting there.  My phone was keeping me sane, even if it did take forever to load tweets and blog feeds.  So long in fact that it kept dropping out whenever I tried to comment on blogs so I gave up on commenting and stuck to reading.

Finally, it was my turn.  I wandered in to the theatre and had a lay down.  The staff were all lovely as they poked and prodded prior to the lights going out.  I did see the cameras, they weren’t large but they were long.  I didn’t ask which one would go where but could probably guess based on the length of the appendage it was a part of!  Luckily it was lights out just as I began thinking the not happy thoughts of the cameras and where they would end up.

Next thing I know I am in recovery, wide awake and ready to sit up and more importantly, ready to drink.  I downed a litre of water in record time and still wanted more.  The good news is that the doctor didn’t need to stick around to tell me any bad news.  Final results won’t be in for a while but I am not really expecting anything exciting!

Phone calls were made home and before I knew it man-child was there to pick me up and take me home where I could eat and drink to my hearts content.  I may have just overindulged in chocolate and trying to forget that I accidentally found another block of chocolate ‘hidden’ in the kitchen!

Now, the kids are in bed, man-child is out and I am thinking that after such a strenuous day of sitting around waiting all day long, I might just go to bed too.  No point sitting around where all the things I need to do are in front of me, the tidying, laundry or even the study – they can all wait!  Besides, it is much harder to eat a block of chocolate when there are 2 flights of stairs between me in bed and its hiding place.

Thanks to having a general anaesthetic, I am not allowed to drive for 24 hours so that means no work for me again tomorrow.  The down side is that I will have to catch the train to get to my physio appointment (that happens to be right near work) in the morning.  Clearly I didn’t think that through when I booked a 9.30 appointment, but at least I will be out and about and maybe even find time to do something nice!


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4 responses to “What a Sh*tty Day

  1. A Cajun Down Under

    August 18, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    My goodness, I hope you are feeling better soon. Sorry to share while you were starving.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Mandy

    August 18, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    Yeap it’s official you definitely win the award for sh*tty day! Hope you have a good weekend to make up for it.

  3. Steff

    August 18, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    Scary 😦 you really deserve something nice – been thinking of you every time I go to my local shod they have cartons of cream eggs 100’s for $20 that’s a he’ll of a lot of eggs but … I am sure you could manage hope you get an answer that makes the trauma all worth it

  4. Leiani

    August 19, 2011 at 10:40 am

    Not sure if I enjoyed this post as I’m booked for the same proceedures in Feb and you certainly don’t make it sound fun. 😦 I had already been told the preparation is the worst part. Am so not looking forward to it, but I guess getting it done will give me peace of mind, as like you, I expect nothing to be found so I can then cross those concerns off my list. I hope the test results are all good when they come back. Good luck with the rush hour madness on your way to physio!


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