Day 3 2011 – Templeton’s to Digger’s Camp

26 Jul

It was such a beautiful day to be climbing mountains and walking through the jungle.  It was a day very different to walking the same section of track last year.  Last year I saw a fellow trekker fall off a log bridge into a swiftly moving river and had to dive to the ground to grab the guide rope to help pull him to safety, whilst at the time it was a scary situation but in hindsight it was the single most hilarious part of last years trek.

This year we had no one breaking bridges or falling into rivers, instead we had a peaceful climb up Mt Bellamy.  As I knew we had a long uphill climb, I stayed with the back group not wanting to stress my dodgy ankle too much.  I could support the other trekkers that were struggling with the trek and keep the back markers company and give them a break.  There was another trekking group, a smaller group, walking in the same direction as us so we spent plenty of time chatting with them and singing songs as we waked.  I was so happy to make it to the top of Mt Bellamy in one piece, in fact we were all pretty chuffed to get to be there.

Life at the top

We walked a different path to that we walked last year.  Instead of walking to the beautiful 1900 Camp for lunch we instead took a much less travelled path to Myola.  The path we were following was made up of leaf litter, lots and lots of leaf litter.  It was like walking on a trampoline it was so spongy and squishy!

As we were walking from Mt Bellamy to Myola, one of the other trekkers made the mistake of asking a porter how much further it was.  The response was 25 minutes, an hour later the response was still 25 minutes.  I think it ended up being a 2 hour walk but it was always 25 minutes!  I don’t think they asked the porters for an estimate of how much further it was to any destination.

When we did make it to Myola, most of the group had had their lunch and were lounging about.  A few colleagues and I snuck further around the crater for some much needed peace and quiet.

And Rest

It was beautiful relaxing in the most tranquil place I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.  Beautiful flowers too that we could wear in our hair.

Flowers Everywhere

As we were busy resting and enjoying our lunch in peace, the majority of the group set off to check out Bombers Camp.  Since I had re-injured (for about the 300th time) my ankle and had to have it re-strapped, I was advised not to do the extra walk to Bombers Camp.  I really didn’t mind, I had visited the Camp last year and found the sight of where bombs had exploded and the debris of a crashed plane heartbreaking and depressing.  Instead the thought of a gentle stroll downhill to camp was a much better thought.

It was great to actually get into camp in daylight.  In fact we had hours of daylight after arriving in camp.  Plenty of time to have a wash in the cold river and relax.  After spending days walking and not having anywhere to actually wash, it was nice to be clean again.  It helped that there was more than a little ‘eye-candy’ walking around camp!

It was great to be clean and exciting to be washing out our hiking gear so that it would be clean AND dry for the following day of walking.  Some were a little worried that their clothes wouldn’t dry and came up with their own methods of drying their clothes.

How to dry your underwear!

Another bonus to Diggers Camp was the guest house, it was big enough that lots of us could fit in there for the night.

Home Sweet Home

Sure it was squishy and the snoring was loud but it was still warmer than sleeping in a tent!

Head over here if you want to find more about Day 3 2010 – from Templeton’s to Diggers Camp.


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