If I could choose…

25 Jun

I read a very thought provoking post over at Drifting Through Life, and like any good thought provoking thought, it has had me thinking.

River was asked where she would choose to be right now, and what would she like to be doing? She decided that even if anywhere could be anywhere in the world she would choose a quiet life, a home of my own, away from constant traffic, but close enough to family and friends.  Time and space to just sit and dream.  What a beautiful place to be.

Where would I be and what would I like to be doing?

Where would I be?  I have two very different options here.  The first, and most realistic option is to live where I am living now and to find some balance in what I am already doing.  I love our little community near the city, I love being able to walk to the city.  Even better than that is the feeling of belonging, there is a little village feel to the area we live in.  There are plenty of parks and outdoor spaces to explore and the kids are safe to play outside, in the park on their own.  We know heaps of people in the area, just like in a small country town, but without the ‘busy-body’ vibe of a real country town (or perhaps just the town I grew up in).  Ideally more families would live in the surrounding streets but the price of real estate rentals seem to be pushing families out of the local rental market and groups of young professionals seem to be moving in.  Not entirely a bad thing but it does make parking more challenging and the kids like having dozens of kids to play with in the parks.

The second option for ‘where would I be?’ would be far from here, but I don’t know where exactly.  I would love to live in a remote community (that had amazing internet connectivity – surely not too much to ask!), I am picturing a jungle community in a warm tropical climate, where I was working in a capacity to support community development or public health.  Of course, a dream (if that is what it is?) such as this would be hard to do with a family who are connected to a wonderful life here.  One compromise would be if man-child were to get an international transfer somewhere that I could do some outreach work or support and the kids could still have access to an amazing life.

Option 2, or the variation to option 2 may never happen but that is OK, I actually love my life here.  I have a wonderful family and extended family not too far away so they can visit.  I am happy to say that I do love my job and believe that there is value in the work that I do so even if I didn’t need the income I would still work.

If the magic money fairy were to wave a magic wand so that finances weren’t an issue, I think these options would still ring true, perhaps with a leaning towards the jungle option!  Sure I would love to travel the world but I still want a place to call home, a place where I belong and where my family are happy.

For now, Melbourne is home and I love it.  Thanks for the thinking time River.

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