Girls Night Out

24 Jun

Last night I went on a girls night and as a result I may have just been a little tired and grumpy today.  I am sure I wasn’t the only one.  You see, last nights girls night out was a little different, it involved 2 seven year old girls and a trip to see Miley Cyrus in concert at Rod Laver Arena.

I hadn’t told girl-child that we were going, only that she would have to miss soccer practice and would be allowed to dress up.  I was thinking that dress up would be something pretty, or even something a little funky but she took it literally and wore a costume!  We were going with her oldest friend in the world, who was also wearing a costume.

It wasn’t until she was dressed and ready to go, when her friend (and her friends mum) arrived and handed over tickets to the show that she realised where we were headed.  I couldn’t tell if she was shocked or didn’t actually realise that they were tickets for the show, but she didn’t show instant excitement about going.  Fortunately by the time we got to the train station a few minutes later both girls were giggling away like, well giggling like girls and were super excited.

Is this our train?

We had time in the city to have a play in Fed Square before heading to the concert.


We made it to the venue with enough time to spare that the girl was able to sit back and read the souvenir program and admire all the beautiful costumes.


Finally, way past bed time (for both the girls and for me) the show began.  It was amazing!

Miley in action

I have to say that the show was amazing.  When my friend asked if we would like to join them at the concert I thought “Why not?  I don’t really know any of her music but I liked that movie she was in!” I haven’t done anything special and completely out of the ordinary with her in forever, it should be fun.  Of course I then promptly forgot all about it until this week.  I had to secretly prepare us for the show so started playing Miley tunes each morning before school (hooray for iTunes).  It was enough for me to be familiar with the songs.  To be honest, even not knowing all of the music it was a great show, supported by great dancers.

I had a great night out and so did the girls.  We really should do girls nights out more often.  It doesn’t need to be as extravagant as going to a concert, just heading in to the city, wander about and enjoy all the amazing spaces to explore.


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3 responses to “Girls Night Out

  1. Mandy

    June 25, 2011 at 12:48 am

    lol, aren’t you a cool mum. I can’t even begin to imagine my mum doing stuff like that with me. That said I look forward to doing stuff like that with my daughter. How times have changed hey!

  2. Ali

    June 25, 2011 at 3:53 am

    That’s so cool. I LOVE her costume! She looked amazing. I love it when I can give my kids a surprise like that. You’re right too, it doesn’t take a lot to do something fun and special together. Glad you had a good time.

  3. river

    June 25, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    I used to watch the Hannah Montana TV show when it was on here in Australia. I have the movie on dvd too, I bought it for my grand daughter, but she already had a copy, so I just kept it.


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