That’s MY Boy! Part 2

21 Jun

So the huge school camp adventure is over for another year.  One whole night away!

Upon his return, he declared that he had fun but that it was the WORST CAMP EVER!  These are a few of the reasons why.

  1. It was only one night, what is the point in camping if it is only one night?
  2. It wasn’t camping, he slept in a bed in a bedroom.  Sure the bedroom had 3 of his friends in it but it still wasn’t camping!
  3. His fell over twice and has huge chunks of skin off his shins and whopping bruises developing.  AND
  4. His silk pyjamas – THEY GOT RIPPED!
That last one was the biggie and he had to choke back tears as he said it.  I have said I will attempt to fix them but now that I have seen the rip well I am not so sure.  He has requested that I use silk thread and do embroidery to fix it.  Seriously?  I think not!
Anyway, this is why I think it was a great camp.
  1. With only one night away there is less chance of total sleep deprivation (although he is now sporting a bit of a barking cough!)
  2. Less opportunity for him to fall and injure himself even more!
  3. He can get away with wearing the same clothes for the entire camp without too many questions being asked.
  4. The unpacking of his camp bag was super easy – clothes still neatly folded in his bag go straight back into the cupboard.  The towel, unused, goes back into the bathroom drawers.  The soap (bodywash) was naturally untouched, it can go back to the bathroom, no doubt never to be seen again.

Best Brownies Evah!

Most importantly, because he said he had such a dreadful time at camp, I felt the need to cheer him up so I made him some brownies.  I used Kate’s Best. Brownies. Evah! recipe (with gluten free flour so I could eat them too) and they were to die for.  This happy snap was taken midway through the brownie devouring session.  About 3.2 seconds later the last few were devoured, you need to do yourself a favour and make them too, they are delicious.

Punky Feet

In other news, this is the look girl-child was sporting at school today!
It was freezing cold so she had legwarmers in her bag but she didn’t want to wear them because it hid the Punky Brewster effect of the shoes!  She had little puffy shorts on over leggings, in the school colours.  She did wear a school jumper but teamed it with a brightly coloured scarf to accessorise.  And to think this is what she calls school uniform!
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One response to “That’s MY Boy! Part 2

  1. sheila

    June 22, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    I never liked camping either. Bugs, musty stench, dirt, outdoor bathrooms. BLEH. lol. Thanks for pulling up some hidious memories, lol.


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