It’s a Small (and wonderful) World

17 Jun

A while back I posted a few pics from the day that I joined up with a few fellow bloggers for a gentle stroll around Albert Park Lake as a part of the MS Fun Run (and walk).  I wanted to join in, to take part in the walk but I knew I had a big training session the day before so I didn’t want to commit to something that I might not actually end up participating in.  It turns out that the training session wasn’t that challenging so I figured that I could do with the extra training and at the very last minute, the night before the walk, I posted on the thread on Digital Parents that I wanted to join in and then it was too late to back out, I was committed.

Not having pre-registered for the event, I knew I would have to get there extra early so grabbed my backpack and I jumped on the train to head to the city bright and early on the Sunday morning.  I allowed plenty of time so I didn’t bother checking out the timetables for the trains and trams.  I lucked out with the train and barely had to wait before I could jump on board but I wasn’t so lucky with the tram.  I walked for a bit but didn’t see any trams and when I checked the timetable realised that trams, on that particular line, are practically non-existent of a Sunday morning.  I could either wait on the side of a busy road or just keep on walking.  Not being one to sit and wait when I have places to be, I kept on walking the 3km from the station to Albert Park Lake to register.

Once registered I wandered over to the designated meeting point to wait.  I was a little early and I wanted to know who I was meeting so I grabbed the trusty old iPhone and checked out the pics on Digital Parents and was happy to see that of the people meeting for the event, I knew 2 of them (however one was already out running and would meet us later at the pub) but I didn’t know Cate, the organiser of the event and her pic was of a blonde hiding behind a ginormous camera.  Unless she turned up sporting a giant camera, there wasn’t much chance I would recognise her.  I just hoped that Bec, the blogger I knew would turn up first and life would be easy.

Well clearly life wasn’t meant to be easy. As I sat I saw many a walker walk on by the meeting point to head to the lake and the beginning of the walk.  Eventually someone else came and sat on the garden edging, about the same distance away from the corner but in the other direction.  I wondered if that was the other person I was to meet there.  I kept stealing glances in her direction to see if I could recognise her, or anything that could suggest that she was in fact Cate, the person I was waiting to meet.  Let’s see, she has blonde hair, it could be her.  Not hidden behind a camera though, it was hard to know.  She was checking her phone, it could be her, perhaps checking twitter or Digital Parents for clues as I was.  I could just wait and see if Bec turned up and take it from there but that seemed like too much of a cop out, I imagined Bec turning up and feeling like a complete tool because I wasn’t brave enough to try and meet someone new.  Not very sociable at all.

OK, deep breath, pick up my bag and move closer.  “Mind if I share your step and feel like I am not sitting all on my own waiting?”  I plonked my bag on the footpath and sat down.  Now, how to find out if this was the person I was waiting for through idle random chatter?  Eventually I felt brave enough to ask if she was taking part in the fun run, her response was that she was waiting for the rest of her team, they were meeting there.  The conversation went something like this…  What a coincidence, me too!  What is your team?  Melbourne Bloggers.  Really?  That is who I am waiting for, are you Cate?  Yeah, are you superRelish?

So there you go, we were sitting side by side but didn’t know each other all because we both don’t post many photos of ourselves online!  Oh it didn’t help that I was sitting there, with a ginormous bag (the stupidly heavy backpack that I am lugging along the Kokoda track next month) and there just happened to be outside an accommodation place.  I looked more like a backpacker than an actual backpacker!

Anyway, problem solved, Bec from Julius King Designs arrived and we headed over to the Lake to get ready for the walk.  Conversation just flowed and all my nerves and apprehensions about being there disappeared.  In fact even before the walk began I felt like I had known Cate forever.  It was worlds collide all over the place.  It turns out that Cate and Bec are friends with children attending the same school yet my daughter used to dance at the same dance school as Bec’s daughter about a million years ago.

Cate, me and Bec about to cross the finish line!

After the walk we headed to the pub to meet up with Mandy from a Little Space Like Home and her friend who joined her on the run and Mandy is an old school friend from a million years ago.  We had only just reconnected via blogs so it was great to catch up again after almost *cough* 20 *cough* years.

Mandy, Cate and I - at the pub after the walk

So there you have it.  The world is a huge place but thanks to the wonderful online world, the connections I am lucky enough to make are making me feel stronger and more connected than ever.  I know that I am truly lucky to have met so many wonderful people through this world and am so grateful for this amazing community.  We must have been so convincing about the beauty of the blog community because Kerryn has since joined us in blogland, you should pop over to her little corner of space and say Hi!

A big hug to Cate for her photos – my photos of us are proof that I am no photographer and definitely no portrait taker by any stretch of the imagination!

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