From one great day to another, and hopefully another

11 Jun

I declare that every weekend should be a long weekend!

After an great night out with friends last night, my face was actually aching from laughing so much.  We were the first in the restaurant and almost the last to leave.  The perfect night out really; great food, brilliant company and amazing memories.  And as an added bonus, going out with younger (much younger) people made me feel younger too!

As an added bonus, the kids actually let us sleep in today.  They normally don’t disturb us of a weekend but on those rare days that I don’t have training or they don’t have ice skating they will often play lego or something that involves the shuffling of many small pieces over and over to prevent any sleep actually happening.  Today we had no plans and no obligations and they wandered downstairs to play quietly, it was bliss.

When we did drag ourselves out of bed, we made a quick dash to the shops to get some food to prepare a birthday lunch for Lil Sis and Pommy Boy.  The sun was shining so we barbequed and then wandered over in the park to enjoy the crisp cool day.  There were autumn leaves everywhere that we had a chance to play with.

Leaf Fight!

Man-child decided to take a nap and the kids (with only a little bit of encouragement from me!) decided to bury him in more leaves.

Buried in Leaves

He pretended to be asleep to allow them to cover him in leaves but actually fell asleep!

Bed Hair!

I hope tomorrow will be as relaxing and fun as today was.  First on the to-do list for tomorrow, a mid morning soccer match on the other side of the city.

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