The good the bad and the ugly – Slowing Down

29 May

It has been a very slow week around these parts.  A combination of the end of semester and major reports due, working crazy hours, a sic princess and a lingering bug for me that isn’t enough to keep me home and resting properly but enough to stop me from doing everyting.


  • I walked 3 school/work mornings this week.
  • I did all 2 of 3 days of the 200 situps challenge.
  • Kokoda training hurt.  We spend an hour or so walking up and down the stairs in a local apartment building carrying our packs.  I was super glad that last time I walked the steps I was carrying a pacc, it made this weeks training feel simple.
  • I rode a fixed wheel bike (on rollers) for a ‘friendly’ race.  Lets just say I am glad that we were on rollers and not on the velodrome, the visions of face planting in front of a crowd wasn’t something I was looking forward too.
  • Uni finished for the semester on Friday!


  • Work was totally crazy, and challenging trying to juggle sick kids a crazy workload and everything else.
  • Netball was fun but my choice of socks was less than clever.  I managed to put holes in both socks and ended up with blisters under my big toes.
  • Uni finished this week so I spent so much time doing last minute research and writing that I didn’t get time to walk each day.


  • Blah, blah, food choices, digestive issues and crampy gurgly disgustingness, blah, blah, blah.
  • I am still working on slowing down but not getting there yet.  Let’s call it a work in progress!
  • My poor socks.  These were some of my favourite socks but it looks like they will be favourites no longer.

    I need new socks... and a pedicure!

  • Feet desperately in need of a pedicure!
  • To slowly get back into training.
  • To eat good food more frequently.
  • Continue to reduce my workload both at work and at home – fingers crossed.
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