The good the bad and the ugly – Groundhog Week

21 May

This edition is the Groundhog Week edition because it feels just like last week, the week before that and probably the week before that too, they all seem to be rolling into one another.


  • I walked all 5 school/work mornings this week.
  • I did all 3 days of the 200 situps challenge (plus the ones from last Friday that I was determined to do but managed to forget about all weekend).
  • Kokoda training was actually pretty light this week and no mountain climbing today – hooray!
  • I have been eating better, probably as a result of there being NO MORE CHOCOLATE IN THE HOUSE (well except for the bittersweet chocolate buds I mix with cranberries to munch on during training)


  • Work was totally crazy, exhausting and rewarding but I AM working tomorrow and it will probably involve exercise, weather permitting I will spend a few hours riding a bike around a velodrome, hopefully not falling off and embarrassing myself.
  • Netball was netball, fun but that’s about it.
  • Man-child was away for the bulk of the week so the juggle of work, kids and activities was nuts so I had to be organised enough to have meals planned in advance.  Most of my quick fix meals include pasta so I skipped a few meals.  Since there was no chocolate to munch on I didn’t eat and didn’t miss it, in fact I didn’t even notice.  Makes me think the parasite is still lingering as my appetite is purely routine based and not that of hunger.
  • I seem to be constantly in need of stretching but can’t find stretches that work so my legs feel tired and heavy all the time.


  • Blah, blah, food choices, digestive issues and crampy gurgly disgustingness, blah, blah, blah.
  • I posted the other day about doing too much, barely coping and need to quieten things down before I get sick.  As it is I have the sniffles and am sinusy and headachy.  Thanks to a gentle reminder from the wonderful Ali, I have planned to slow down.
  • Did I mention that I am working tomorrow, on Sunday, riding a bike!  Wrong I say, all wrong!
  • To keep on training.
  • To eat good food more frequently.
  • Reduce my workload both at work and at home – fingers crossed.
  • Finish (OK, start and finish) 2 assignments that are due on Friday so that I can enjoy a semester break!
I’m not sure if Farmers Wifey is still doing the Blogger Butt thing, but if she is I will link up so you can see who else is taking the challenge.
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