The good the bad and the ugly – Ouch Edition

08 May

I have called this the Ouch Edition because as I sit here typing away, my body hurts.  My legs are aching and the thought of having to go upstairs to do anything hurts.  I can’t decide if it hurts more walking up the stairs or back down again so I shall sit here instead.  To top it off, my head hurts too, I think that the Winter grumbles are about to hit.


  • I walked 4 mornings this week (I called Monday’s walk off when I woke to the sound of heavy rain and a sore throat.  The thought of being cold wet and miserable as I exercised on a day that was sure to be miserable without the cold and wet as it included a funeral, wasn’t going to be good.)
  • I have restarted the 200 situps challenge (Friday’s situps WILL be done today!  I really must remember to set a reminder.)
  • Kokoda training, now that is where the ouch comes in.  We went to a local apartment building and climbed the stairs.  It was a 20 story building and after the 2nd trip up and down (40 flights) things started to hurt.  We kept on climbing for over an hour and I think I climbed 130 flights of stairs.  For about 100 of them I was carrying my pack.
  • Our hot tub is working again.  I would hate to think how sore I would be if I didn’t have a nice long soak.


  • Work was only mildly crazy and as a bonus I am NOT working this weekend.  I should however do some study.
  • Netball was played but I was too sore to actually do too much running or jumping as a result of Kokoda training.
  • Man-child was away for the bulk of the week so the juggle of work, kids and activities was nuts so I had to be organised enough to have meals planned in advance.  Most of my quick fix meals include pasta so I skipped a few meals and opted for chocolate instead.
  • I did stretch after training but clearly it wasn’t enough and I say again OUCH!


  • Blah, blah, food choices, digestive issues and crampy gurgly disgustingness, blah, blah, blah.
  • I forgot to order our fruit and vege delivery so we had to make do with the dregs in the fridge.
  • There is STILL chocolate lying about the house so I am still eating way too much of it.
  • Watching me walk up or down stairs.  It hurts so much that I waddle more than walk.  If I have to stand on my toes the calves scream in pain.  If it didn’t hurt so much it would be funny.  (Written yesterday but I forgot to post – good news, after 2 more hot tubs and another nights sleep I can walk almost normally!)
  • To keep on training.
  • To eat good food more frequently.
  • Reduce my chocolate intake.
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One response to “The good the bad and the ugly – Ouch Edition

  1. Traci

    May 9, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    I love this Good Bad and Ugly. It’s so realistic. There’s always all three in the same room.


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