Reclaiming My Happy Place

17 Apr

I am working too much, studying too little and have no time to just hang out with my monsters let alone finding time to blog or tweet.

Blogging and spending time here was my happy place.  Most days I could be found sprawled across the couch for at least half an hour with my laptop keeping me warm, it was one of my most favourite places to be.  Invariably I was reading blogs or writing my own posts, I was writing for my own pleasure, for fun, for sanity and for connection to a world that I love.  Towards the end of term my reality changed, I was only getting a chance to open the laptop of a morning, in between going for a run and making school lunches, to see if there is anything I MUST respond to, to have a quick glance at facebook and if I get time, to look at Twitter and then it is time to get the superRelish show on the road for another day.

Days were crazy and weekends were non-existent.  In fact, other than the weekend that I was in Sydney for the Aussie Bloggers Conference, I worked at least one day of every single weekend, some weekends working more than 20 hours.  I tried to take off time in lieu during the week but it never really worked.  Instead of working a full day I would work only 6 hours instead of 12 hours!  Add to that the piles of domesticity that just didn’t get done and I was beyond swamped.

I was on leave last week, with a plan to have a quiet week at home with the kids and to get some study done, with a major case study due to be submitted.  Naturally my world conspired against me and I ended up working for three really long days at a camp.  Normally I love working at holiday camps, this time?  Not so much.  In fact I would go as far as saying it was the worst camp I have worked EVER.  I could go on and on about how the young people on the camp, as individuals were mostly lovely but as a group were appalling and DID NOT SLEEP but that wouldn’t really prove anything other than justify my added exhaustion.  To make matters worse, I didn’t have any internet connection other than via my phone.  Certainly not enough for me to write a fully referenced case study (do I sound like I know what I have to do?)  I managed to stay online long enough to apply for an extension for my case study and that was all.  Needless to say, when I returned from camp I was tired, grumpy, frustrated at being behind in my study as well as feeling oh-so-old.

And speaking of old, Friday was my birthday.  I did have a lovely day at home with the kids not doing too much, ordering in delicious food to share with friends and just relaxing.  It was followed by a weekend of no obligations.  It was amazing.  Three whole days with nothing that I HAD to do other than to hang out with the family.  Total bliss.  Now that I am older and hopefully the crazy-busy of the term is over and not to be repeated any time soon, I hope to maintain some of the same levels of relaxation and calm I am feeling now.

My plans for this week?  Well the kids have gone to my parents for the holidays so that they can get some fresh country air and catch up with friends and cousins.  It will also give me an opportunity to get some work done without stressing about what the kids are up to, what we are going to eat or how I am going to play catch up with my study.  I don’t have a busy work week so I will catch up on my study and I hope to get plenty of sleep too.  I am going to get back in to training.  All going well I will reconnect with old friends online and maybe even make some new friends too.  I might even get time to tweavesdrop, perhaps even join in on a few conversations again.  Overall, I hope to reclaim my happy place both on and offline.

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One response to “Reclaiming My Happy Place

  1. Steff

    April 18, 2011 at 8:29 am

    My blog seems non existent these days which is sad because I used to write so much for me now life seems so busy hugs and I hear you


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