Good, the Bad and the Ugliest Week EVER

16 Apr

Well I wrote this post last week but forgot to press post.  I figure that my week then was pretty decent so I will post it now!

My routine is slowly slipping out the window.  I am still working on the reduction of the blogger butt but the methods are changing.


  • I ran 3 1/2 mornings this week (I refused to get out of bed Friday morning despite being awake at 5am and the 1/2 run was because when I was about 1/2 way through my run on Thursday and looking for any excuse to not run when the neighbours from a block away called to say our cat had come to visit AGAIN so I spent the rest of the not-run calling home to get someone to go and save the neighbours cat from Tornado!)
  • Kokoda training hurts and stair climbs are no fun at all, and the hills are not much more pleasurable.  I just have to keep remembering when my butt muscles are screaming in pain that it is my body fighting gravity and my butt being lifted up to where it once resided!
  • More Kokoda training, today was an 8km hike up and down Mt Macedon carrying an 8kg pack that also included a downhill 1km run (only because I thought I ‘lost’ a group of students!).
  • We won netball this week, against a team that I really don’t like playing against – a team that is sooky, whingy and rough.  They normally beat us soundly but this week, we were on fire!


  • I worked like a crazy person AGAIN this week – 20 hours over the weekend and another 50+ hours during the week.  I didn’t get time to study nor did I eat well.
  • Again I must state that chocolate is more than a food group for me it has become my entire diet.
  • I still don’t warm up or cool down or do any stretches so I am feeling the effects of the training.  Again I say I must make time but it just hasn’t happened (any suggestions?)
  • I forgot all about the 200 situp challenge.  I did Monday’s reps and set the reminder for Wednesday but to the best of my knowledge, the reminder didn’t remind me so I didn’t do them.  Not doing Wednesdays meant that I didn’t set a reminder for Friday.  Hopefully I will remember to do some over the weekend and play catch-up.  It is clearly apparent that without an electronic reminder, nothing gets done!


  • I think I need to make this a permanent entry in this section… Blah, blah, food choices, digestive issues and crampy gurgly disgustingness, blah, blah, blah.
  • Crazy work hours, a need to study and write a case study and manage kids and their social lives – it is all getting to be too much.  Hooray for holidays, I think?

My aims for next week

  • To keep on running or walking of a morning, I will interchange a few days of weighted walks with a backpack of rice to build up some leg strength.  I must buy more rice!
  • To eat good food more frequently.  Again hooray for the organic fruit delivery!
  • I had commented over at Cate’s that I would support man-child in his endeavours to get fit but as he didn’t start, I couldn’t join him.  Perhaps this week?
So that was last week and my aims seemed reasonable.  How did I go?  Let’s just say it was my worst week in a looooong time.


  • I survived it – that is all.


  • I was on holidays this week so what did that entail?  Just for something new, more work.  I spent 3 days of my leave working at a camp with (rude, obnoxious, ungrateful, need I go on?) teenagers.
  • Camp food is normally delicious and healthy.  This time not so much so I munched on chocolate bars for sanity.
  • I didn’t run.
  • I didn’t do any situps.
  • I didn’t play netball.
  • I didn’t do any hikes.
  • I didn’t do anything that could even loosely be called exercise.
  • I also didn’t sleep more than a few hours on camp.  Did I mention just how lovely the girls on camp were?
  • I also didn’t support man-child in his endeavours to get into shape, he didn’t start to exercise or if he did it was when I wasn’t around so I missed it.


  • The entire bloody week!
  • Working on leave.
  • Not getting my study done and having to apply for an extension!
  • Resorting to crappy food purely because I was tired and grumpy and dealing with the usual digestive issues and crampy gurgly disgustingness, blah, blah, blah.

My aims for next week

  • To get back into exercise of some sort.
  • I will try to set myself up for success and aim for weighted walks rather than runs.  Ideally I would like to walk 25km during the week with a 10kg pack.  It should be manageable, especially with a few days off work.
  • To eat good food more frequently but realise that it is holidays and Easter so I am not expecting miracles.
  • If man-child exercises I will join him.

Head over to Farmers Wifey to see what other participants in the Battle of the Bloggers Butts have been up to, hopefully their week has been more positive than mine.

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One response to “Good, the Bad and the Ugliest Week EVER

  1. Alannah Shore (luvbooks)

    April 18, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    I am exhausted just reading your post….and should be studying instead of looking at blogs! I have heard you must eat chocolate when studying, so see no problem with your use of the brown food group. Sending you a “HD” wish! smiles


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