Rumour File

19 Jan

For many people, when you leave a place of employment you lose contact with many of the people that you worked with, not through anyones fault but simply because life goes on and your needs and availabilties change.  Through some freak of nature, both man-child and I collect friends, I still catch up regularly with friends from kindergarten and school and still have friends from almost every job I have ever held.  We may not see each other often but we are closer and truer friends than random facebook stalkers.

Whilst man-child may not remember anyone he went to school with, he has many friends from college days and previous jobs that he catches up with regularly.   One such friend of man-child’s emailed him yesterday, on the pretense of finding out when they were holding their fantasy football draft day.  The real reason that he called was to let him know of the latest rumour he had heard.  Man-child almost wet himself laughing and then called me in to share in the joke.  Like him, I thought it was so hysterical that I figured I should share it here!

Now for the rumour to make any sense it needs a little back story… In 2005, our entire little family unit relocated to New Jersey for man-child to take on a different role within the company that he worked for.  The move itself was a comedy of errors and when horribly wrong. What should have been a 2 year stay ended up being a 4 week ‘working holiday’.  We weren’t supported at all and when I requested support the CEO suggested that we move back to Melbourne, completely missing the point of the request.  Anyway, man-child resigned and we had a holiday.  We returned home both unemployed and very broke with no need to ever return to the Melbourne offices.  We did however have friends who still worked for the company that we kept in contact with and over the years have still kept in contact with even after various changes in employments.

This all took part in 2005, but only now the rumour has surfaced outlining the ‘real’ reason that we didn’t stay in New Jersey.  Apparently the breakup of the secret relationship between man-child and the CEO was very messy and neither party could cope with working for the same company even if they were in different countries so someone had to go!

Now of course this reason has nothing to do with reality and is pure comedy but I find it so amusing that this rumour has surfaced 5 years later than it was set.  What I want to know is the who what when where and why of the rumour.  Who started it, what is to be benefited, when did it start (is it an old rumour we are only just hearing or is it all new?), where did it start (Aussie or US based?) and why?  Seriously, why would such and old story be making its rounds now?

I am thankful that man-child have such a strong relationship and know that such a comical story can do our relationship no harm, in fact it strengthens our relationship by giving us something new to laugh at.


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2 responses to “Rumour File

  1. Daz

    January 20, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    That is….. SENSATIONAL!!!!

    And when is the fantasy football draft??

  2. Joni Ibarra

    January 27, 2011 at 9:02 am

    Interesting story. I always hated gossip and always remind my husband to observe his manners when at work, whilst he be rumored to be this or that.


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