Battle of the Blogger Butts

13 Jan

I have found another bandwagon to jump on – the Battle of
the Blogger Butts Challenge over at Seven Cherubs and Farmers
. The background is that like many, the creators of the
Blogger Butt Challenge overindulged during the festive season and
ran out of time to exercise to combat the excessive of calories. In
Naomi’s words, “we want to blow off some of our
Blogger Butts we have developed over
the holidays and to see each other in person a little fitter and
trimmer than we are now! We both love a little healthy competition
and have decided to challenge each other to lose 5%
of our body weight
before the conference in March.”
I am also heading to the conference in March and the
thought of meeting so many amazing people is almost overwhelming
enough to make me chicken out, add to this the fact that so many
bloggers will be joining in on the challenge, either officially or
privately, that the temptation to pull the pin on going is
tempting. Instead of chickening out just yet, I am going to try and
get into better shape too. I can’t sign up for the “lose 5% of my
body weight” part of the challenge due to some unusual health
issues of recent months but I am all for the finding of
butt, thigh and tummy shrinking buddies! The
Del version of the Battle of the Blogger Butt will be to maintain
my weight, to try not to lose any weight (a long story that needs
to go into a post of its own at some stage) but to tone up and get
rid of the excess skin that becomes apparent with rapid and
unplanned weight loss. Wish me and everyone else in the Battle of
the Blogger Butts luck and if you are feeling inspired to get back
into shape, head on over to Seven Cherubs and Farmers Wifey and
sign up too.

(oops, I can’t work out how to hyperlink on the iPad,
and too lazy to try too hard now, will have to rectify this when I
am back in the land of the laptop!)

Edited to add: It has taken me a while to realise that the post didn’t publish publicly so adding links and trying again on the trusty laptop.


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