101 Things in 1001 Days – Unknown #

08 Jan

Unfortunately DayZeroProject isn’t working at the moment, it is being moved to a bigger server so I can’t actually look at my list to find the actual entry that I have completed but I am pretty sure that this was one of the entries.

101 Things to do in 1001 Days – Spend a day in pyjamas

This is the post in which I prove to the world just how lazy I can be!

Without the site to refer to, I can’t remember what the wording of the actual item was but the intent behind the entry was to spend a very lazy day at home with nothing to do and doing exactly that.  I am happy to say that today was that very day.  I do however have to admit that I didn’t wear pyjamas.  If it is any consolation, yesterday I wore my pyjama top to work so surely that counts for something.  I should say that my pyjama top it doesn’t look anything like sleepwear, it is a simple cotton cami that is perfect for a stinking hot day at the beach.

Anyway, after work yesterday I had a greasy takeout dinner in the park with man-child and our housemates and wandered home feeling lethargic so I changed into my running gear and set out for a run in the cool night air.  I was so stuffed when I got home that I was too lazy to wander upstairs for a shower and instead collapsed on the couch to watch the rest of the movie the others were watching.  By the time it was over, I was too tired to shower so instead peeled off my smelly running shirt and stumbled upstairs into bed instead.

Now despite spending the previous day at work at the beach, it has been a long week with long exhausting days.  I was feeling extremely sleep deprived and was hoping to catch up on sleep with the kids away.  When I did wake, instead of getting out of bed I caught up on the last few (OK, the last 5 episodes) of NCIS from last season.  By then it was around midday so I showered and dressed in a cami not to dissimilar from the pyjama one I wore to work and a loose pair of shorts in anticipate the heat of the day.

I wandered downstairs but realised that I was feeling pretty ordinary (aching joints and muscles, headache and cramps).  I had nothing to do so instead I went back to bed.  I spent the afternoon watching more tv shows and avoiding the heat.

My timing was impeccable and wandered downstairs just as my wonderful housemates served up dinner.  I contemplated going for a walk but instead opted for some more resting and watching another movie and planning for a day outdoors tomorrow.

So there we have it, another item to be ticked off my list and an expose on my lazy lifestyle.  Tomorrow will make up for all the laziness and all going well I will have photos to prove it!

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