Makes it all worthwhile…

19 Dec

Somedays parenting is hard work, really hard work.  Trying to fit everything in without going insane; running from one of the kids activities to the next, juggling full time work with getting the kids to school and occasionally picking them up from school, dealing with an ever growing domestic mess and also the obligations that seem to come with this time of year, then add to that the nightmare of having your house broken in to and the car stolen and I feel as if I am barely keeping it all together.

Yesterday could have been one of those days.  We woke early, without alarms or stompy noises up and down the stairs by the kids yet weren’t disturbed so we could lie in bed and catch up on some sleep must watch tv.  When it hit 9.30am we figured we had better get into action and restock the dwindling food supply in our cupboards before we had a mutiny on our hands as food levels were running dangerously low.  The kids weren’t interested in joining us so we braved the shopping madness and headed in to Costco.  We survived Costco relatively unscathed (well all except for our credit card!) so we decided to continue and push our luck by beginning our actual Christmas shopping.

We didn’t do too badly and found almost everything we were looking for before heading home to unload the shopping and wrap those presents that will go under the Christmas tree.  Girl-child helped with the wrapping and gift card writing and was getting into the Christmas spirit and now wanted to do some Christmas shopping of her own.  Now I am happy for her to go to the mini supermarket just around the corner from home but there really isn’t much to buy from there and I really didn’t feel like going out again.  She didn’t want us with her anyway because she wanted to find gifts for us.  The solution, for her to go to man-child and he could have his hair cut as she wandered through the strip shops looking for gifts.  (Don’t panic, it is a small group of shops in a community where every second person knows who she is, she was perfectly safe!)

With the last of her saving in her wallet, girl-child set off.  She found a gift for man-child and who knows what else in one store before heading to the florist to buy flowers for me.  She had $10 left so selected a bunch of flowers to buy for me.  Now being a small community, the woman in the florist asked who she was shopping with today and who the flowers were for.  Girl-child explained that she was using the rest of her savings to buy gifts for her family and she knew that I loved fresh flowers.  Without hesitation, the woman returned the bunch of flowers that girl-child had selected to the display stand and instead wrapped a beautiful boquet  of oriental lilies instead.

The smile and look of pride on girl-child’s face was amazing when she returned home with the beautiful flowers for me.

My Beautiful Proud Princess

It is moments like these that make it all worthwhile!


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2 responses to “Makes it all worthwhile…

  1. PB

    December 20, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    stunning girl….

  2. Anna

    December 29, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    This made me cry, she’s beautiful


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