Summer Holiday

17 Dec

Reasons why I miss having a laptop include not being able to post quickly and easily whenever I feel like posting.  This post was painstakingly written on my iPhone on Friday, the day school finished but it didn’t upload properly.  Being laptop-less I didn’t even realise that it didn’t actually post.  It isn’t much of a post but after the labourious process of typing it on a phone I am going to post it anyway and if I can find a photo or two, I will add them!


The school year officially ended at 1.30pm today when I collected the kids from assembly. I had a fun afternoon of park hopping and hanging out with friends planned. The plans extended to include takeout for the dinner in the park where we would remain until the sun set or the mozzies ate us. That was the plan and it was going to be an awesome start to a great summer holiday.

Lets check reality instead. We wandered home for something to eat before hitting the park. The arguments began over what to have for lunch. After insisting they eat some real food, I needed a chocolate fix to try keep me sane. I didn’t have the energy to negotiate the 2 minute walk to the shop, so enter a tub of ice-cream and copious amounts of chocolate syrup!

Once the chocolate fix set in, we set off for the first park. We had barely left home when the rain hit. I contemplated heading for home but thought I would end up drinking chocolate syrup in an attempt to not lose my mind in the madness so we pushed on.

Fortunately there were plenty of others at the play space we headed to as well as plenty of things to do under cover. As a bonus there were other mums there so the long afternoon disappeared relatively quickly, listening to the sounds of he concert playing just up the road, ‘No Sleep Till… Melbourne’.

I was enjoying the music and looking forward to hearing Gwar play.  Now I don’t know much about Gwar other than the band who ate Mark in Empire Records so I figured that was more than enough interest in wanting to hear them play.  Well what do you know, the wind changed direction and died down at about 6pm, just before Gwar began their set.  What was perfect audio was now non existent, I couldn’t hear a single thing from the concert.  At least my disappointment in the entertainment was compensated by the dinner – a hamburger (without the bun) from the fish and chip shop.

The rain continued so we couldn’t even kick the kids out to play in the yard or in the park, instead we listened to them all run riot through the house, all 7 of them.  Looking at the weather forecast for the coming week, it looks like we will have a lot more of the same – cold wet and windy outside, kids running riot inside.  Where is the sunshine?  It can’t feel like Christmas if I am this cold!

On a more positive note, with all this rain there are rainbows aplenty.  We saw this one on the way home from the park, if you look closely you can see that it is a double rainbow, it just didn’t photograph well.

Double Rainbow All The Way!

Oh and on a side note, just at the bottom right of the photo was where there was a car dumped in the wee hours of Friday morning, doused with petrol and set on fire.  Waking to car alarms and windows (of the car only luckily) exploding followed by sirens is not exactly a part of my plan for a great nights sleep.  As my neighbour asked earlier, ‘When did we move to South Central LA?’

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One response to “Summer Holiday

  1. PB

    December 20, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    Lots of excitment down your way of late…


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