Craptastic Start to the Weekend

11 Dec

After a later night than usual last night, I bribed the kids to not wake us this morning.  Of course I woke up a billion times during the night because I am a dreadful sleeper.  I think I dozed off to the same episode of Castle 3 times before giving up on sleep entirely and watching the next episode of Castle and another episode of Bones.  It is needless to say that I didn’t wake feeling very rested.  The kids however were quiet as church mice and stayed away from us so there was no need to get out of bed early.

When we did bother to wander downstairs and begin the weekly “Oh my god, this house looks like something exploded in it, get tidying everyone!”  It was during this process that I noticed that my laptop wasn’t sitting on the couch where I had left it.  It was at this time that girl-child mentioned that the front door was propped open by a shoe when she woke up.  Hmmm, that doesn’t bode well, time to call in for the guys.

As man-child was on the phone to the police, I did a door knock to let the neighbours know what had happened and to see if they heard or saw anything.  In the wait for police to arrive, we thought we should probably get something for lunch.  Man-child went to wander around to the shop to pick up some rolls and hot dogs for a nice and easy lunch.  The plan was great but unfortunately his wallet was nowhere to be found.  Not only could he not find his wallet but my car keys were missing too.  One thing leads to another and whadda you know, the car is gone too.

What a totally not awesome start to the day.  The hardest part is dealing with all the well wishers.  I know everyone has the best intentions but going on about it, (OMG, they were in your house… aren’t you terrified… don’t you feel violated…) around the kids really isn’t the most helpful.  I am stuck doing damage control so the kids don’t freak out too much.

Anyway, after hours of mess, the credit cards were all cancelled, the police reports taken, the crime scene processed and passwords changed on all the applications that were set to log in automatically on my laptop.  All that is left to do now is to tackle listing what is missing to notify the insurance companies and find my other SD cards to see if I can have the rest of my Japan photos recovered (I hadn’t had a chance to upload them all to flickr).  Oh and to work out how we will replace the Christmas gifts that were in the car!  Man-child is yet to work out what he has lost on his work laptop but that will wait until Monday.

What have we learnt from this experience?  Insurance is a good thing, remember to upload photos to Flickr more frequently, don’t keep Christmas presents in the car and above all people, take a chill pill – as long as we are safe and healthy there is nothing that can’t be replaced!


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3 responses to “Craptastic Start to the Weekend

  1. FFG

    December 11, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Holy Crap! That is a horrible start to the weekend. Glad you are all safe. Hopefully, the rest of it goes amazingly well.

  2. ascapecodturns

    December 12, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    Wow! Glad that you and your family is ok. What a bummer, especially in December!!! Hope they catch the crooks!!!

  3. Leiani

    December 13, 2010 at 10:42 am

    You have the best outlook on this…. crap happened, get on with life. Hope you sort out all the annoying details soon and get a chance to replace presents in time.


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