Sundays in my City #24 – Changi Airport

04 Nov

This week my Sundays in my City post is a little late.  There is a valid reason for it; I am in Japan, kinda busy and preoccupied wit exploring and have had a few technical difficulties along the way. 

Unknown Mami

My post is going to be only photos taken on the Sunday, a day that we had hoped to be in Tokyo and spending the afternoon in Harajuku for Halloween.  Unfortunately that wasn’t to be and we spent the day in Changi Airport with a very sick little boy and an extremely tired family.  That said, we did have a great time exploring!

After being taken from the plane in a wheelchair and then by buggy to the medical clinic, the boy finally fell into a feverish sleep.

Sleeping in the Medical Clinic

After being told he wasn’t fit to fly, it was time for him to hop back into the wheelchair to go through immigration and customs to get to the hotel we had been booked into for the night.

Heading to the Hotel

After some sleep, we had breakfast delivered to the room.  Girl-child was excited that it was Halloween and had her costume on ready!

Breakfast Time

Making the most of the situation, we headed down to the third floor to enjoy a dip in the pool! 

Splashing About

Finally after exploring the shopping and amusement area in the airport and hotel precinct, a late checkout from the hotel and another trip to the medical centre, the boy was given the all clear to fly.  We headed back in to the airport to change our flights and begin the wait.

Look, I am STILL at the airport!

Once back inside the terminal we had hours and hours to fill (read about 9 more hours!)  First request – the butterfly garden.  Girl-child snapped away happily at the butterflies, in particular at the one that landed on the boy who was now feeling a little better.

A Photo of a boy and his butterfly

Then when terminal 3 had been explored, it was time to catch the sky-train to terminal 2 to see all the things we glimpsed as we were driven through the airport at high speed almost 20 hours earlier!

Riding the Sky Train

We checked out a few of the shops in Terminal 2, including a chocolate shop.  One staff member asked why girl-child was in such a ‘beautiful’ outfit, only to be told it was for Halloween.  He then grabbed a handful of chocolates to give the kids (and a few lucky passer-bys who wanted in on the give-away action).

Chocolates for Halloween

Time to explore some more.  The girl was over the moon when we found a display promoting India where she was given a flower garland and had henna painted on her hand.

Henna for the girl

By now we had been in transit for more than 24 hours but still had hours until we could board our flight.  We headed back to Terminal 3 to have some dinner and to wait it out.  The boy was happy to be able to just sit and chill, playing his iTouch.

And rest!

The girl passed the time Skyping nan and pop – hooray for free internet at Changi!

Screen Time for the Girl

Naturally by the time it time for us to head to the gate to prepare to board, both kids were sound asleep and very difficult to carry!  We were finally on board the plane and ready to depart Changi Airport Singapore at midnight, just over 26 hours after we landed there.

Despite the exhaustion and illness, we had a great time in Singapore.  I would love to go back there again with a little more time and a little less illness to explore more of the place than just the airport!  To explore other corners of the world, check out Unknown Mami.


In other news, boy-child is well on the way to healthy.  He still packs a mean bark morning and night and girl-child has decided that coughing is fun so is joining in on the action.  It really isn’t slowing us down too much and we have been busy each day exploring a new part of this amazing city.  Don’t fear, there will be eleventy squillion photo posts journaling the trip at some stage!


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3 responses to “Sundays in my City #24 – Changi Airport

  1. ann

    November 5, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    Sorry to hear your little boy hasnt been well especially travelling. Travelling with sick kids – overseas – is NO fun at all. Hopefully he will be up and alright soon. Glad to see you bought the vegemite with your (personally I cant stand the stuff….but maybe you have to be bought up on it 😉 )


  2. Steff

    November 5, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    oooh you een make being stuck atthe airport with a sickchild sound fun 🙂


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