Let Go Already

28 Oct

Right now I am officially on leave.  Yep that’s right on leave.  That should equate to chilling out with my feet up and just relaxing.  What does it really mean?  Sitting down, out of the office (as the monsters go into their dance class) to finish off some documentation and make sure there are no loose ends that need tying off.  Of course that means that I find loose ends leading to the dilemma – do I spend the next hour on the phone talking through what needs to be done to someone who won’t or can’t do what is required or just bite the bullet and go in to the office and get it done myself?  Unfortunately when I think of who will be in the office tonight or tomorrow I know that it WILL be quicker and easier to just go and do the work myself.  I almost turned around and went back in to the office but the traffic was nuts so it will have to be tomorrow instead.

Naturally, when I am in the office tomorrow, one thing will lead to another and I will find eleventy billion things that need doing.  I am sure the real reason I start my leave a day earlier than I really NEED to is so that I can do all the extra work things that I didn’t account for prior to starting leave.  Sure there is washing and packing and organising that needs doing too, before we fly out on Saturday, but there is still another half day for that to be done!

I think I need to spend my night, after a game of netball, when the kids are in bed and the house is full of poker players, working out exactly what needs to be done both at work and here at home rather than running through a mental list of why now is a bad time to be leaving the country.  However the list of why I shouldn’t be going is so much quicker to write, see

  • I have grant applications due tomorrow that I should review after the co-applicant changes everything rather than get someone else to do it.  Add to that the knowledge that aforementioned applications will have follow-up enquiries that I won’t be in a position to answer from another country so the decisions that are made may not be accurate or relevant.
  • Other work projects are just starting to ramp up and get interesting, I want to be involved.  If I miss something I will be out of the loop and trying to fight my way back in will be hard work, perhaps impossible.
  • I am still unwell NQR in the health department and I haven’t eaten a full meal in forever.  The meds that I was taking didn’t seem to do anything other than make me feel worse!  A total change of diet may not do my delicate digestion any favours.
  • The positive side of no appetite is weight loss but unfortunately that also means that nothing I own fits me.  I need to get new clothes but the thought of that is even worse than letting go of work!  Besides, one my appetite returns I will put on weight again.
  • It is sunny here, summer is on its way and I am heading to Japan where the forecast is for ‘Tons of rain’ most days this week.

Stupid damn “I don’t want to miss anything good/exciting/relevant/fun” anxiety, go away already.  Luckily there will be eleventy billion and one reasons why going on a holiday right now will be awesome.

  • I need a holiday.  We need a holiday.  I can’t remember the last time we had a family holiday that didn’t involve work of some description.
  • Halloween in Harajuku.  The costumes for the kids are actually made days before they are needed (world record!) and they are really really looking forward to wearing them.  I am really looking forward to taking squillions of photos to bore everyone with, and that is just at Harajuku!
  • Disneyland – need I say more?
  • Relaxing at an onsen, perhaps this one – a theme park onsen.
  • Hanging out with family and friends with no obligations other than having fun and having fun.
  • Trying all sorts of different foods and drinks.
  • Wondering if I will still love Pocari Sweat or just love the memory of loving it?
  • Taking the kids to the Ghibli Museum to see Totoro and Ponyo characters and ride on the Neko Bus.

OK, I think I nearly have myself convinced.  First things first, wrap up all the loose ends at work and then time to play.


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2 responses to “Let Go Already

  1. PB

    October 30, 2010 at 8:59 am

    Yes the good outweight the bad… Enjoy – you guys deserve a break!

    Bet the kids are bubbling with excitment!!


  2. FFG

    October 31, 2010 at 9:15 am

    Sound fun! I hope you are there right now enjoying every minute of it!


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