Bullets of Exhaustion

27 Sep

Monday morning, the start of my holidays and I was hoping to have a fantastic girly day with girl-child but it appears that we are both tired and grumpy, with one of us being particularly fragile. Here are just a few of the reasons that we are struggling today and considering the delicate state of affairs around here at the moment, I am resorting to bullets to fill in the gaps;


  • The happiest day of the year has been and gone, however it appears that it wasn’t actually the happiest day of the year, more like a painful day with no outcome so we will have to relive a Grand Final Day Extravaganza again next weekend.
  • Aforementioned Extravaganza involved being organised and preparing for an unknown quantity of guests. I think there were around 50 people here during the day, with more coming and going at different times.
  • Over catering is what I do and we have bucket loads of food left over.  Apparently salads aren’t a necessary accompaniment for many people eating barbeque 3 times in one day!  Said over-catering means the fridge is overflowing and I don’t know where to begin.
  • Following a long day of entertaining, I took the kids and a few friends in to the city to watch a preview of Hairspray.  The show was amazing.  Boy-child was exhausted but managed to stay awake, just.  He tried to deny enjoying the show but did wriggle to the front of his seat for big numbers.  Girl-child sang along with most of the songs and danced in her seat entertaining all around her!
  • Returning home from Hairspray to a house full of loud and in many cases inebriated poker players preventing sleep until they left to go to the casino and then being woken upon the arrival of man-child from the casino at the ungodly hour of 5am.


  • Drifting back off to sleep around 5.30am only to be woken at 6am by a phone call, then no more sleep for me, I had to contemplate getting up and going to work.
  • Procrastinating about getting out of bed, feeling like I had a hangover despite not drinking and feeling dehydrated again.  Realising eventually that I was hungry (the first time I have felt hungry in weeks) as a result of being surrounded by food but having not eaten since brunch the previous day.  Of course by this stage I was running late and didn’t have time for breakfast.  Crossed my fingers and hoped for drive-thru on the way to work.
  • Leaving for work at 7.30am on a Sunday morning is wrong I tell you, all wrong.  Being trapped on a bus instead of the luxury of a work car meaning no easy escapes for real food or even drive through crud.
  • Add to this I was at work for 13 hours instead of the expected 8 – 10 hours and I am a little tired, even if the day was spent supervising ‘playing in the park’ with 160 other people.
  • Did I mention that the park was home to a particularly ferocious magpie?  It was and I bore the brunt of its pissed-offedness.  I was swooped a number of times trying to protect kids.  Twice I was hit, the first knocking my sunglasses off my head, the second scratching the lens of them.  Very glad it was the glasses that were hit, the girl that he connected with ended up with a nasty beak gash on her head.
  • Being surrounded by gluten-laden food all day at work, still feeling hungry.  Eating little bits and pieces and regretting it when my stomach started going nuts.
  • Getting home from work after 9pm to find that the house still in a state of disarray but being too tired to even care.

Monday – The first day of my attempted holidays

  • Double checking the packing that should have been done yesterday in preparation for boy-child to go to camp this morning only to find he didn’t have enough socks or any pyjamas packed.  I didn’t check his entire pack, fingers crossed he has all he needs.
  • Doing the drop off to wait for the camp bus, only to find the bus was late.
  • Enjoying snuggles with the boy as we waited for the bus.  The poor boy is exhausted before he left, I hope he has a great time.
  • Listening to the girl-child sob hysterically as the bus departed.  Apparently she misses boy-child already and nothing I can do will make it better.
  • Canceling a catch up with a friend to allow girl-child a chance to regroup and recover.
  • Contemplating cleaning up the mess that we call home but really not wanting to, therefore I am procrastinating.

I really should make the most of the almost peace and quiet as girl-child plays on the computer but this (hibernating online) is much more fun!  Hopefully we will get a chance to something fun together later in the week.

(tired) Snuggles as we wait...

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One response to “Bullets of Exhaustion

  1. Leiani

    September 27, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    I’m tired just reading what you’ve been doing! I think a day ‘regrouping’ is definitely the best thing. Enjoy.


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