The Happiest Day of the Year

24 Sep

I had grand plans for tonight; either I would get home to a clean and tidy house, tuck the kids into bed and read blogs and post the post that has been running through my head all day OR I would use the evening in a quiet clean house to prepare for what is known by man-child as ‘the happiest day of the year’, grand final day for anyone else.
We were home later than I had hoped, and by the time the kids were in bed it was almost 9. I started in on salad making only to realise that there wasn’t enough room in the fridge. That was ok, time for Plan B instead, time to drag a blog post out of my head. Well that plan was foiled also – the modem was out of action, the only Internet was via my phone and that is way too much effort for a giant blog post. Time to get creative, what could I do instead?
Perhaps an earlyish night? Not likely, it sounds like an entire family of rabid monkeys and their trainers have moved in next door, between the stair stomping, random noises from their upstairs area, singing in the back yard combined with wolf whistles, I think I am in for a long sleepless night.

Hopefully if I put a movie on upstairs and turn the sound up loud enough to drown out the noisy neighbours (yes I can sleep through loud movies just not loud people!) I might get some sleep. Tomorrow promises to be a huge day, irrespective of the football and the outcome of the day’s game – I am off to see Hairspray tomorrow night!


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2 responses to “The Happiest Day of the Year

  1. Leiani

    September 25, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Hope you got some sleep in the end! Wow, going to see Hairspray should be an amazingly fun experience. Have a great time.


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