22 Sep

What is RSVP?  If you look at it states

Origin: Fr abbrev. of répondez s’il vous plaît – please reply

It is pretty simple, if you are sent an invite that has RSVP on it, reply damn it!

The reason for my rant is twofold.  Firstly we are having a Grand Final Day Shindig at our place (again) this year.  It is the 16th time we have had the shindig and it is pretty informal, we provide snags, salads, snacks and some drinks and guests bring any fancy-schmancy stuff that they may want to eat or drink or share with anyone else that turns up.  It isn’t a big deal, but we do need to cater somewhat appropriately, do we buy 2 kilo of snags or 20 kilos?  Last year there were about 50 people here and that is a lot of sausages and salads if only 5 people turn up.

Anyway, the email invite went out a week or so ago asking for a simple reply to let us know who would be attending.  30 or so emails went out and all of 3 replies were given.  Perhaps we needed to change or approach?  Let’s add an event on Facebook and invite everyone again.  That seemed far too logical and easy; everyone is on Facebook and regularly checks in, it really shouldn’t be too hard to click on one simple little Yes, No or Maybe button.  Well apparently we were wrong again.  Let’s look at the stats – 51 invites sent via Facebook, 9 are attending, 7 aren’t attending (gotta love inviting friends overseas to come visit for the day!), there are 4 maybes and a whopping 31 who haven’t bothered to reply at all.  Now it isn’t that hard, I know that the majority of those 31 have seen the invite as they are constantly commenting on other guff on Facebook, why can’t they click on a damn button, ANY button, it isn’t that bloody hard.

So with 31 people not responding, add in partners and kids and before we know it we have another potential 60 or 70 people who may or may not turn up on Saturday.  That should make for an interesting event to plan for!

So that is the first RSVP saga that is driving me nuts.  The second was for an event through work today.  I tried the email invite but had no luck with responses so I decide so I would go all old school and actually ask people, in person at a dinner last week.  That proved a little more successful, over half of the people I spoke to said they would be there, and most of the rest said they would get back to me.  I was feeling pretty good about that, but being a slight control-freak, I wanted to double check so I posted an event on Facebook.  This was a smaller event and the stats just before the event read Yes 3, No 4, Maybe 8 and no relpy from another 8.  Now those stats were vastly different from the earlier discussions but I figured hoped that half, or even some of the maybes and no replies would actually turn up.

Do you know what happened in reality?  Yes became 4 and the rest were no-shows.  Now I know it is school holidays and there is heaps happening but again, how hard is it to let people know if things change?  I mean many of the pikers were online and posting until all hours of the morning, perhaps a contributing factor in their lack of attendance?  In all of that time spent online, surely they could have left a note, message or a simple wall post.  Hell, with all of the other posting and commenting on Facebook, they could have pressed the damn NO button!

OK, that is the end of my ranty rage, for now at least.  Fingers crossed the RSVP list for Saturday will be updated to reflect what is likely to happen on Saturday but I am thinking that isn’t terribly likely.  Is the simple concept of RSVP from a bygone era or is it simply the circles in which I am involved?  Do I just need to get over the whole control freak concept?


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4 responses to “RSVPing

  1. Leiani

    September 23, 2010 at 12:21 am

    Somedays I can’t help be feel I’ve had enough of the whole human race. People can be so selfish and rude!

  2. Steff

    September 23, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    ooh i can be guilty of that – sometimes i am just not sure – but then I always say count me as a no and if can come i will bring my own food 🙂

  3. Mrs Ickes

    September 25, 2010 at 9:56 am

    You just inspired me to RSVP! I won’t be at your shindig. Sorry. I’m not sure who is IN the Grand Final, but I do hope it is the Kangaroos! Have a great day.


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