So Tired

31 Aug

I have been waiting for the crash, for me to feel the effects of the trek and the hype that went along with it.  I expected to come back home physically and mentally exhausted, wanting to do nothing but sleep for days on end.  Instead of exhaustion I have felt amazingly good and more often than not full of energy, enough energy for me to actually want to exercise.

Well as they say, all good things must come to an end and it has finally hit me – I am tired.  So tired that if I didn’t need to wait for boy-child to come home from scouts I think I would already be in bed and fast asleep (it is currently 7.34pm!).  He will be another half hour or so meaning that I have at least 1 hour to wait before I can curl up into a ball and sleep, so here I am blogging to stay awake.

I have been wondering when I would start to lag from post-Kokoda hype and perhaps today is the day.  Although maybe it is purely lack of sleep, I have been up since 4.20am!  I really didn’t need to get up so early but I was clearly over-excited about work this morning.  I say work, but what I really mean was a breakfast fundraiser that I was attending along with almost all of the other trekkers.  I had to be at work by 6.30am to be at the breakfast on time so I should have gone to bed extra early but I wasn’t tired.  I think it was around 11pm that I went to bed and woke at 4.20am feeling awake and refreshed so I got up.  It is probably a good thing that I did – I set my alarm for 5.45pm and would have missed the event entirely!

I am glad that I made it to the breakfast, it was great to see everyone and hear about how everyone has settled into their daily routines.  It was also reassuring to hear how positive and excited everyone else has been and how they have changed after the adventure.

Anyway, as a result of limited sleep last night and being at work from 6.30am until after 6pm and being so busy that I didn’t get a chance to actually eat anything since the breakfast, I am tired.  On top of that I didn’t get a chance to go for a run this morning so my legs are a little stiff and sore right now.  I think that it is the first day in over a month that I haven’t exercised and I am feeling it now.

All going well,  I will sleep well tonight and get up early enough to go for a run before work tomorrow.  I have another big day ahead of me, this time facilitating a program that will include (if my co-facilitator gets her way) me doing some rock-climbing and abseiling.  Even without climbing the day will be tiring but I am intrigued to see how well I climb now that I am fitter and healthier.  I should mention that I am terrified of heights and normally freak out!


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2 responses to “So Tired

  1. Leiani

    September 1, 2010 at 1:14 am

    I hope you got a good sleep and woke feeling better. Make sure you look after yourself LOL.

  2. Tanya

    September 1, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    I have not had time to read blogs for ages and was having a down day – so am as always grateful to you for your constant inspiration to me – I now feel re-charged and ready to get back to job hunting – congrats on an amazing achievement


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