Buzz Kill

22 Aug

I have been back in reality for almost a week now, arriving home to Melbourne Airport at 10.30pm last Sunday night.  For all of this week I have been in a great mood, I haven’t been physically exhausted, tired or even grumpy.  For the majority of the week I have been uber-cheerful, in fact if I were around me I would be annoyed by just how chipper I was.  Fortunately everyone around me was surprised at my mood and happy to be around me, even if that did involve going in to work during leave (some things NEVER change).

Most mornings I woke early, often before the alarm sounded at 6.20am to go for a walk but ended up running around the river instead, enjoying the crisp cool Melbourne mornings and watching the sun rise over the city as I jogged toward home.  I have felt nothing short of awesome and have been loving life.

Like all good things though, they eventually come crashing down.  Today, Sunday I planned on a quiet nothing morning to relax on the couch with the kids and catch up on reading blogs and even writing some of my own.  I had no intention of showering until it was time for me to go to work (hooray, working on a Sunday!).  Man-child had a different idea, he wanted a day of productivity – painting, reorganising and trying to get the house put back together post-renovations.  Apparently my desire to do nothing but relax was not

Anyway, we ended up sniping at each other, him disappointed that I no longer spend every waking moment cleaning up after everyone else because he is finally in the domestic space that he wants everything neat and orderly!  Me annoyed that I didn’t get a chance to relax for just one morning.

He moaned and groaned before heading out the back to paint the door and window frames in the garage.  Me?  I huffed about in the kitchen, pre-cooking dinner for everyone tonight and making some cookies with girl-child.

Now I have to find a ‘happy face’ and get ready for work.

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One response to “Buzz Kill

  1. Peter Donelly

    August 24, 2010 at 11:39 am

    Thanks for sharing your “walk” in PNG. The weather in Melbourne would have been a real shock temperature wise on your return. A trip you will remember for life.


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