08 Jul

The quote that best sums up my day.

Chastity: I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?
Bianca: I think you can in Europe.

from one of my favourite movies – 10 Things I Hate About You.

I got up feeling decidedly bleh, it was early far too early to be awake.  I fact I was awake before the rubbish truck made its dawn rumble through the neighbourhood.  I knew the bins were out, the kids were still asleep, there was no alarm set because there was no reason to be awake yet I was and I was annoyed.  I lay in bed wishing I were asleep.  Since sleep wasn’t happening I began contemplating the day ahead of me.  Thinking about what I had written yesterday, I envisioned a day of pottering, hanging out with the kids and perhaps restocking the fridge, nothing much at all.

A few hours of contemplation later, when the kids woke, I wandered downstairs and the further down I walked the more my mood decreased.  I wandered by their bedroom to see all of the clothes that were neatly packed in a crate (from the week away that I hadn’t had a chance to put away) strewn all over the floor.  Next the study that is currently the home to all that once lived in the bathroom, because I wasn’t about when the bathroom was gutted there is no me-logic to the storage of the mess.  The door to the back bedroom was partially closed but I could see the bed was messed so I didn’t even poke my head in the door.  Luckily the door to the bathroom was closed, purely as a safety measure – there was no floor in it.  I was hoping the door would remain shut until the builder arrived to ensure that the kittens didn’t climb into the floor or wall space.

I continued downstairs to see the kids snuggled on the couch, wrapped in quilts looking adorable but arguing about what they were watching on tv.  I ignored the kids and wandered through to the kitchen, passing on my way a table covered in containers of beads.  Whilst cluttered, the container of beads on the table didn’t bother me, the beads on the floor, the beads that the kitties were batting around and chasing were somewhat more annoying but I was hungry so I didn’t dwell, it was in to the kitchen for something to eat.  Opening the fridge and I was confronted with soggy moldy rocket, some herb that I think was once coriander, some yoghurt, random meals in take-away container that are still completely unrecognisable and 7 tubs of dip.  There really wasn’t much in the way of breakfast hiding in there.  Sure there was cereal and bread (and some carrots growing mold) in the cupboard but nothing edible and gluten free so I stayed hungry.  There was no fruit in the fruit bowl and I was tempted to start in on the ice cream.  The only reason I didn’t get it out was because I didn’t want to have to share it.

I buried the ice cream back in the freezer and in the process uncovered the makings of food, if only I could identify the contents.  I put the hunger on hold and began defrosting meat to at least get some lunch organised.  I defrosted 2 packages to begin with both that looked similar but it turned out that one was beef and the other was lamb, but not really enough in either to make a meal.  Package three defrosted was mince and not helpful at all.  I kept defrosting until I had enough of anything to make a meal and ended up with a truckload of meat sitting on the bench without knowing what to make with the meager mound of soggy vegetable hidden in the ‘crisper’ of the fridge.  What to make?

In amongst the defrosting process the builder turned up (this was all before 9am!) and we had a ‘shit we need to decide what we are doing with the bathroom’ discussion.  If we wanted to get the bathroom finished before I went OS and before a friend arrived to stay we would have to have worked out what cabinetry we needed by the weekend so the plumber could start on Saturday.

Of course thinking about the concept of having everything finished and put back together before I fly out reminded me that in less than a month I would be far far away, in an alternate reality.  Holy shit, less than a month, so much to do – HELP!  What to do now, deal with the mound of meat dilemma or find attempt to find a bathroom vanity?  Fortunately, or is it unfortunately man-child is working on Saturday so he was planning on taking time off Friday afternoon so it was deemed emergency bathroom shopping day.  Since he was already late for work he decided to do a shopping run for me as I began the great cook up thinking that I could begin to stock the freezer so I would know the kids would eat some decent meals when I was away.

The remainder of the day was spent making a stroganoff, lamb and tomato casserole, pumpkin soup, bolognese as well as lunch – meatballs/burgers and then dinner – roast beef, steamed veges and rice.  The mad cooking frenzy was interspersed with adjudicating haggling matches between the kids and the kids of a friend, toddler wrangling an overwrought tired and tantruming 2 year old (including 30+ minutes of screaming), helping the builder, keeping an eye on the kittens to ensure that they neither got boarded up inside the bathroom walls nor escape out of the open garage door.  Time must have been warped because somehow I even managed to sort out the spilled beads, sweep the floor, put away all the shopping, clean up all the cooking mess, feed kids copious amounts of snacks and do a load of washing only to find that I can’t get to the washing line as it is totally obscured by the building materials and the dryer is no longer working, and by no longer working I mean it blows a fuse whenever I tried to use it so now I have a machine full of wet towels with nowhere to hang them!

All that said, by the end of the day I was beginning to feel better about things.  The kids had all headed over to the Lost Dogs Home with my friend to rescue a dog and I had a few seconds of peace and quiet.  I was beginning to feel in control again, I could smell dinner cooking and was ready for the chaos to continue.  Before I knew it the chaos returned; 4 kids, 2 mums, a grumpy dad, a very timid little dog and 2 cats sussing out the intruder in their home.  Add to this comments of ‘I thought you said you had time to clean today’ and the good that I was feeling was being sucked away.  To make things better we had a boy-child meltdown and tears from a friend.  The natural progression, the dog crapped on the floor.

Somehow we got from crap to eating a yummy dinner with little more mess or tears and the day was nearly done.  I was frazzled and really couldn’t deal with the shower routine and have the kids fight (again) about who got to use our shower first and I knew that if I threw them in the hot tub the whole process would take even longer.  What did I do?  Of course I resorted to a bribe.  If you clean up your room, put your jammies on, brush your teeth and snuggle on the couch we can watch Glee together.  A happy ending to a somewhat sucky day for no real reason at all.  In fact it my overwhelming reaction to an underwhelming situation makes me think of yet anther quote from 10 Things I Hate About You – Bianca: Has the fact that you’re completely psycho managed to escape your attention?


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2 responses to “Whelmed

  1. Louise

    July 9, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    Geez, poor you, what a chaotic day you’ve had. As I sit here, I’m thinking how spoilt I am – the house is cleanish (lovely husband vacuumed), the kids are absent, and it’s quiet. A bit of quiet goes a long way.

  2. Leiani

    July 9, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    What a horrible crazy day. You made it through the day and that’s what counts. You also accomplishes A LOT! Hope you had a good sleep and feel better.


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