Sundays in my City #7 – escaping the city!

01 Jul

The house is quiet it is still early and I am awake courtesy of the rubbish truck rumbling by in the wee hours reminding me that the bins weren’t out.  I haven’t had enough sleep to get me through a boring 3 hour drive alone car is packed and I am almost ready to head off on another long and horribly boring drive but I will try to get some more sleep before heading off.  I figure that this will get another load of washing clean as I slumber!  In the meantime I thought I would make the most of the peace and quiet to find some photos for Sundays In My City.

This Sunday we actually escaped the city entirely to head to my folks for a break.  We decided to take Lil Sis and her baby with us so a 3 hour drive became a 4 or so hour journey when you include baby stops for food and a nappy change.  The bonus of these stops is that we visited places we wouldn’t normally visit on the way and the kids were more than happy with the delay.

First stop was just on the side of a road off the freeway, near a small creek.  The kids had fun having an explore as the baby was feed without too much distraction.

Give me your hand, I will help you cross the water...

OK, we will explore AWAY from the water...

As we explored I noticed a racing team truck drive by, reminding me that there was a race track mere minutes up the road.  A quick detour and my little rev head was in heaven watching the cars race by.

Watching the Cars Zoom By

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One response to “Sundays in my City #7 – escaping the city!

  1. Leiani

    July 1, 2010 at 10:28 am

    My boys would be estatic to stumble across a race meet like that. They’re all rev heads, even little Charlie who wants to be just like his big brothers. Hope you had a lovely weekend.


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