School Holidays

30 Jun

School holidays this time round seem to entail many hours of travel.  Hours spent in a vehicle travelling this week, both actual and predicted.

  • Sunday 4 hours (a three hour trip is always longer with a baby on board),
  • Tuesday 4 hours (return trip with a baby on board),
  • Wednesday, 2 1/2 hours return to training (where I hiked about 12km, up and down a mountain, in the mud, misty rain and freezing cold – let me say OUCH!)
  • Tomorrow another 3 hours heading back up to my parents and kids.
  • Friday a day trip around Kelly Country, probably 4 hours drive time, to visit places of interest in Ned Kelly’s lifetime to support boy-child in his learning.

After all that I think I will stick around up at mum and dad’s for some R&R.   That hopefully will include some sewing (fixing my cousin’s deb dress ready for her big day on Friday and hopefully making new blankets for the kids), more knitting (there are new babies everywhere that need new funky hats), perhaps a few hikes around the island under the guise of training but really just to get out into the cold fresh air.  It sounds divine and I could probably stay there for weeks without going insane, having someone else doing the cooking and washing but we really do need to head back to reality sooner rather than later.  As it is we will be away for man-child’s birthday (am I a bad parent for not mentioning it to the kids?) and I do have to go to training next Wednesday.  I should also go in to work on Tuesday but I figure that is still negotiable so may not happen!

I am really looking forward to not having anything that I have to do after tomorrow.  If I were at home I would find a million and one things that needed doing so I wouldn’t actually just sit down and relax, I wouldn’t make time just to hang with the kids and play.  Sometimes I need to take holidays away from home to actually have a holiday and now is one of those times, well overdue.  I am guessing with all this nothing that I have to do, I probably won’t be around for the next week or so.  Ta ta for now!

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