Posting Politics

24 Jun

I really don’t do politics of any sort, I am not loyal to any party, I generally vote for the person that annoys me least rather than the party who can slag off the opposition with great effect. Despite my lack of knowledge or understanding I feel that, as a female Australian, I should comment on what is without doubt a very significant day – the day a female Prime Minister was appointed.

I am excited that Austrailia is embracing change yet I am disapointed that the people didn’t vote for the change, that internal party politics was the catalyst. I hope the public have the courage let change continue to truly take place and have a positive influence on our communities. Already the young girls I know are excited by politics and the thought that they too can achieve their dreams no matter what hurdles they may face and that in itself is fantastic.

There already are and will be many more well structured, eloquent posts about the change in political figure head here in Australia, I merely want to say make us proud, make us want to vote for you in the upcoming election for what you and your party believe in and not what the opposition are unable to achieve. Make us want to vote for you because of your policies and not someone elses failures. Represent our wonderful country with pride and dignity.

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One response to “Posting Politics

  1. Unknown Mami

    June 25, 2010 at 7:11 am

    Well, said.


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