What a Day

18 Jun

Words to describe today include freezing, long, exhausting, achey, amusing, terrifying, overwhelming, exciting.  I am sure there are more that I can come up with as I rant away.

Freezing – just for something new, our heater isn’t working again!  We are the proud owners of a horrendously expensive piece of crap.  It had moments of working last month, enough to tease me into thinking that perhaps we wouldn’t freeze but NO, that would be too much to ask for.  Instead I am sitting here wearing jeans, 2 jumpers and 2 pair of socks and my monster slippers and I am still cold.  It is all wrong, I don’t like being cold.  Can anyone recommend an aircon tech that isn’t likely to rip me off?

Long – I did get off to a good start to the day.  I didn’t set my alarm so I could sleep in a little (till 7am!).  I shipped the kids off to school and headed to work where I sat working non stop from 9am until 6pm, with not even a chance to get lunch or snacks.  Got home from work and had a manic mess of an evening that will be described under terrifying.  Kids finally in bed, I sit down to do some work but the files I needed didn’t transfer properly so I can’t tie up the loose ends and as a result will have to go to work again tomorrow.

Disappointing – having to go to work tomorrow, on another day off is disappointing but the most disappointing part of today – it is apparent that I have killed my laptop and even transferring files from it to an external drive is causing grief but not creating space.

Exhausting – still thinking about work and what I need to do before I start leave again.  Knowing that my job won’t be done in my absence means I will spend more leave time at work again.  Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Overwhelming – 50 days and counting.  This time in 50 days I will be in another country about to embark on a huge, crazy, exciting, terrifying adventure.  So much to do in so little time.

Exciting – I have official medical approval to embark on said adventure, apparently there is no known medical reason to preclude me from such insanity.  This coincides with my passport being ready for collection.  Did I mention that in a recent fit of paranoia I decided to have my passport checked only to find it had water damage and I wouldn’t be allowed out of the country.  Sometimes being paranoid is a good thing and now I will have a shiny new passport, no doubt with a shiny new bad photo!

Terrifying – the boy-child had another meltdown today and this one was spectacular and awesome in a terrifying way.  He had moved himself out of the way to try and calm down, as he usually does but today it didn’t work.  All of a sudden, he snapped and it was ugly.  He wanted to throw a stool, tried to hit me, threw shoes, flicked clothing over in his wake and jammed his finger in a crate as he tried to push it into my path.  It was messy, it was ugly and it was terrifying.  He is in a really bad place in his head at the moment and we can’t seem to help him.  He frightens me in that he is so much like me, but he has hit the meltdown phase about a decade before I did.  It is only 8 but carrying so much baggage that he refuses to let go he is stressed and not coping.  He really needs a holiday, a chance to be him and not deal with the pressures that seem to be swallowing him alive.  This next week can’t possibly be over fast enough for all of us.

Achey – the aftermath of training on Tuesday has really hit in.  My calves feel like rocks and trying to stretch them out makes them ache.

Tired – it is late and I am still awake.  Why am I still awake?  Why does the thought of having to climb 2 flights of stairs make me contemplate sleeping on the couch?


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2 responses to “What a Day

  1. FFG

    June 18, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Sounds tiring to me too, but heat rises. Hopefully, you have been able to sleep well and not dream about all that has been going on. Best of luck!

  2. PlanningQueen

    June 20, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    Wow what a day! Sorry we didn’t get to chat more today with you and your lovely family. Hope you enjoyed yourselves and made it to your parties on time!


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