‘Work’ Work from Home

06 May

Today is not a work day, I repeat NOT a work day.  However I find myself sitting at the table working away, actually getting more done today singing along to songs on the radio than if I were in the office surrounded by distractions.  I had planned to spend the day doing some program research and writing but instead I had the joy of writing an Expression of Interest for a project I would love to be involved in.  It was a very last minute inclusion to be able to submit the expression of interest so my morning has been busily writing away.

You see since I have been in my current role there has been a major annual project that has run in parallel, a project that I haven’t officially been involved in but since I shared an office with those who were I found myself becoming involved through brainstorming sessions, answering misdirected phone calls, helping out when time was short and at times being a bit of a gofer.  In short, without actually being involved I know almost as much about this project as I do about my own projects.  With this background knowledge I planned to apply to be a part of the team.  That was until I found out that expressions of interest were already finished!

Naturally I found out from colleagues who are still working on the project from previous years enquiring why I hadn’t applied, they expected to see my application in the pile they were sifting through.  A little bit of digging later and I find out that my current office isn’t actually included in global emails so not only did we not know that the project was about to be launched but that applications had closed.   In our little office of 4 there are 2 of us who want direct involvement and a third who was contemplating applying.   To say I was peeved would be an understatement, in fact I had an entire ranty post drafted addressing my pissed-off-ed-ness.  Instead of posting whilst peeved, I politely emailed the manager expressing our disappointment and our desire to be included in further projects before leaving the office yesterday.

Bright and early this morning I received a phone call and a follow up email appologising for not being included in the global email and asking me to submit an application, ideally by lunch time for consideration as the interview process starts tomorrow.  So there goes my planned morning.  I sat there,  frantically typing away, trying to cram as much relevance into 2 short pages as possible.

It is done, proof read by man-child and has been submitted.  Now all that is left to do is sit and wait.  I don’t even know if I will get an interview.  There are only 2 places free on the project and more than 6 applications most of which are more senior and ultimately more qualified and have had weeks to prepare.  I am hoping that my previous experience will get me through.  Fingers crossed.

Now to get back to the ‘work’ work I had planned for the day before school pickup and the dance run this afternoon.


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2 responses to “‘Work’ Work from Home

  1. Bec

    May 7, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Good luck Del! Hope you hard work brings rewards! xx


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