19 Apr

So rather than writing a complete saga, I shall merely recap via my evening on Twitter.

  1. NOOOOO – an external hard drive full of photos has crashed. Most of the photos from our US adventures are there and may be gone ūüė¶
  2. @aussieellen external drive off to the pc doctor, hopefully for life saving surgery and I am trying to add everything to flickr now.
  3. @davecann it is our original external drive and it is a billion years old. @pokerMC is having some success but it isn’t looking good.
  4. Small steps recovering photos. Looks like they can be accessed and copied one at a time. It may take a while, only 12000 photos to recover.
  5. @mylittledrummer recovering photos one by one is a job for @pokerMC. We are looking through them as he does, so many memories.
  6. @supersarahwhite think these photos don’t want me to keep them. Came back from the US with 6 cds full of photos and 2 discs didn’t make it.
  7. fave photo find to date – boy-child with his tickets to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Broadway.

As you can imagine, words really can’t describe how devastating having so many memories that are MIA. ¬†For some reason I really don’t think I am meant to keep these photos. ¬†Somehow in transit back from the US, 2 of the 6 disks full of photos died and were unrecoverable and now this. ¬†Man-child has sent his night transferring the photos from the now pulled apart external drive. ¬†Her are a few of our favourites that he has been able to recover.

The boy folk walking back from the brook to our tiny little farm house.

Walking Back from the Brook

Boy-child in the kitchen of the farm house, the only room in the house that had a ceiling light!  It was a huge room, he was only 3 but could almost reach from wall to wall!

In the Giant Kitchen

Girl-child and her doll going for an evening walk around the other buildings on the property before going to bed.

A Walk Before Bedtime

Sitting in the grass (amongst all the bugs and creepy critters) after exploring the brook that is hidden behind the trees.

In the Grass

My favourite recovery is a pic of the boy-child sitting in a deli waiting for his breakfast and clutching his tickets to go see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Broadway. ¬†Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was his favourite movie and he loved seeing it on stage although he didn’t understand why there were variations between the movie and the production.

Excited about his Tickets

Can you believe just how little my monsters are.  So many memories, I really hope we can recover the photos.  The drive needs to cool down now, but hopefully it will still allow a few more photos to be recovered, hopefully 12000 or so.  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime, I MUST upload my photos to Flickr.


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