A Re-Cap of Chocolate Overload

06 Apr

It is no secret that I LOVE chocolate and find it all but impossible to sit around when there is chocolate to be consumed.  As a result of my love of chocolate, this is one of my favourite times of year.  There are many other reasons to love this time of year; school holidays, long weekends, kinda-almost-nearly holidays from work, generally nice Indian Summer weather, fun with family and friends and cadbury creme eggs.  So now for the Easter re-cap.

Easter began in much the same fashion as any other Easter, with a picnic and Easter Egg hunt with friends on Good Friday.

Hunting for Eggs

The biggest difference this year was that boy-child didn’t have a broken arm filled with metal screws and was not on the brink of a major Chicken Pox explosion! Instead he had someone to play with.

Bionicle Boys

The picnic was still happening, in fact more of our friends were arriving after the egg hunt and were there to settle in for the afternoon but we had other plans, we were heading up to my parents for the weekend and were hoping to get there during daylight hours.  As usual, we broke up the 3 hour drive with a stop at E’s parents house to catch up with some of our favourite people.

Greeting the Fish and Fairies

Serious Bubbles

Stretchy Shirt Snuggles

All this before we even get to my folks for a relaxing weekend.  Like the true obedient child I am called, I had girl-child call ahead when we were an hour away as mum wanted to have dinner ready for us when we arrived.  Boy-child decided that he wanted to play a trick on my folks and had girl-child say that he decided he didn’t want to have a holiday in Yarrawonga and didn’t come with us!  He spent the rest of the drive planning to sneak out of the car without anyone seeing him and hide around the corner.  His planning went as far as having a contingency plan, a blanket to hide under in case there were people in the yard when we arrived.  It was great hearing the two of them scheming away in the back of the car.

Boy-child was in luck, no-one was outside when we arrived.  He jumped out of the car and ran around the side of the house unseen and we began the merriment of unloading the car and family greetings.  When I got inside I noticed that there were only 3 extra place settings at the table but didn’t think much of it, just continued unpacking.  Girl-child continued to explain that her brother didn’t want to have a holiday this time and mum was telling me just how disappointed the neighbours kids would be, they had been asking for days when he would be coming to play with them.

All of a sudden mum’s eyes lit up, boy-child was bored by the lack of attention and he re-appeared.  Mum and dad were over the moon and couldn’t believe that girl-child could keep up the ruse in person!  All was well with their world again.

Saturday morning saw mum head off to do some volunteer work with a community group she is involved in to support people with cancer and their families.  The day’s event was a fundraiser at a new golf course that had opened up just down the road from their house, so we went along to show our support.

No Hole-in-One Here

Enjoying the Fun and Sun

It was a great morning spent enjoying the sun out at Silverwoods where there was a Hole-in-One competition, face painting (or arm painting if you are my child and know that with blonde eyebrows you will end up with tinted eyebrows for weeks as a result OR that face painting is sooo passe, all the cool kids get arm painting instead!), balloon animals and a barbeque.  The kids had a ball and we got to peek through houses we could only afford if we won Tattslotto and could retire to a life of leisure, sandwiched between a lake and a golf course!

When we arrived back to mum and dad’s, Lil Sis and her boys had arrived and the house was overflowing with crazy people.  The craziness increased as cousins dropped in for a visit and a make-up session.

Pretty Little People

They had barely left when another crew of cousins arrived for a play and a swim in the hot tub.

Splasing Around

The house was chocka-block all day and everyone had a great time.  We were just about to encourage the kids to go to bed when the grow-up cousins arrived to have a few Easter drinks.  All of a sudden the desire to get the kids in bed at a decent hour diminished figuring the longer they stayed up the greater the chance of a sleep-in.  They did eventually go to bed but hours later than usual.

Before we knew it it was midnight but no-one really knew if it was the real midnight or if someone had changed the clocks in anticipation of the end of daylight savings.  Either way, it was delivery time.  Everyone stumbled home to hide eggs for the early morning Easter Egg hunts before crawling into bed for a few hours sleep before the chocolate overload could begin.

Easter morning made me realise just how awesome my little monsters really are.  I could write a book about their awesomeness but for now I think a few trusty bullet points will do.

  • They didn’t get out of bed until the clock said 8 o’clock (unfortunately they checked the pre-daylight savings time ending clock, but still they did check).
  • They scoped out the chocolate stash on their bed and scattered about the lounge room but waited until we were out of bed before they ate any chocolate – almost makes me wonder if they are truly my children!
  • They ate breakfast before they had their Easter egg hunt, because they wanted to!  Again it makes me wonder about baby mix-ups.
  • They found all the chocolate and then shared it out, not only with each other but with us too.
  • They insisted that we take home most of their chocolates, not to save but for us to eat because they know we love chocolate!


We spent the morning overloading on chocolate, hot cross buns and croissants before sitting down to a ginormous lunch with the whole family.  Girl-child was becoming anxious that we weren’t staying with her for the entire holidays so we distracted her by taking her for a swim.

Splashing in the Lake

Before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye to my monsters, made all the harder by girl-child not wanting to let go, jump in the car to head back home.  We were going on a date and couldn’t be late, but more about that later.

I had a great weekend, it was almost relaxing.  The only thing that would have made our family Easter even better would be knowing that Lil Bro’s wife was well enough to travel and share this and other special days together.


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3 responses to “A Re-Cap of Chocolate Overload

  1. Leiani

    April 6, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Wow – what a fun filled weekend you had! Sounds like a blast. Enjoy your nice quiet kid-free time. *sighs mightily with a tinge of envy*

    • superrelish

      April 7, 2010 at 9:38 am

      If it makes you feel any better, I have to head in to work for a meeting or 2, conveniently at 10 and then at 4. It looks like I will be working today and tomorrow!

  2. Mari

    April 7, 2010 at 4:43 am

    Great post! I learned something new: we are both follow daylight savings, but we don’t do it on the same day! Our time changed on March 14th!


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