A Question for You

01 Apr

I had written this post earlier and was just about to publish it when man-child came home.  Not to delete a perfectly good draft, I am going to publish it anyway.


My camera is dying a slow death.  It has had a great life and taken squillions of photos but unfortunately it has been dropped a few times too many.  I am beginning the process of deciding what sort of camera to get now and this is where I need the help of others (this is me doing research before I buy!).

So the first decision, what sort of camera do I get, a point and shoot or a DSLR?

For years I have toyed with the thought of getting a DSLR and actually learning how to use it.  In the past the reason for me not getting a DSLR was because it would be big and bulky and I was already lugging around so much other crap that I didn’t have room for it.  Now that the kids don’t need me to carry all of their treasures and are more than capable of carrying their own giant snack bags, I could actually make room to carry a larger camera.  Of course finding the time to actually learn how to use a new fandangled contraption my be something I don’t really have.

All that said, I am essentially lazy.  Would I ever make the time to learn how to use a new camera?  Then assuming I did learn how to use a wizz-bang camera with a decent zoom, would be able to get more detailed photos without moving too much?   I could just get a point and shoot with a 12x zoom and still be able to take photos if the kids running wild and climbing trees without having to move.  And if I continue on in my lazy theme, I would be able to take  more photos without having to exert any energy actually learning.  I still love being able to go out with some cash and a phone in one pocket and a camera in the other so I don’t have to carry anything at all.

I know I am going to sound like a spoilt brat but I really would like something that is all mine.  Something that makes me excited to want to learn, that makes me want to go outside and explore again.  I do like the thought of learning something new but at the same time I am frightened that I won’t be any good and I will miss millions of photo opportunities and recording memories.  Perhaps, and I know it is a long shot, but perhaps I would be so excited by taking the perfect photo that I would be constantly on the move looking for better lighting, the right composition and actually miss the moment of living.

I just don’t know, it is all too hard.  Any suggestions?  Better yet, can someone just decide for me?


So that is what I was planning on posting and waiting for your wonderful suggestions and essentially any decision made would be with the wisdom of the few people who read this.  As with all good plans, as soon as they are made they need to be thrown out the window.  If you look back to the start of the post, I mentioned I was about to press publish when man child walked in.  He walked in carrying a bag from JB-HI FI, a bag containing a shiny new camera just for me.

The decision has been made, I am now the proud owner of the Canon EOS 500D.  It looks awesome but OMG – now I have to learn how to use is, and learn fast.  I am glad the decision has been made, and I know it is a cop out, but I am glad for someone else to have made the decision for me – thanks man-child and E!  Hooray for early birthday presents and hopefully a long relaxing weekend to learn how to use it.

Any recommendations for good ‘teach yourself how to take a decent photo’ blogs that I should be reading?


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5 responses to “A Question for You

  1. Lou

    April 1, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    I have camera phobia. Barely know how to use mine. Shame really. Would like to take fancy photo’s.

  2. Ellen

    April 1, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    Yay. Yay. Yay. WE now have a new camera. I am so excited. I will be your teacher. So exciting. The two things that will be slightly disappointing is that you can’t really do great macro or massive zoom. Everything else will be wonderful. Did I aready say, Yay?

  3. Leiani

    April 2, 2010 at 12:42 am

    Congratulations on your new camera!!! I have Sony DSLR and I LOVE IT. It changed my life. I don’t know much about photography yet but the little I have learnt was from the following blog Very easy to understand and I read each article at my own pace. She also has various photo competitions, which I occassionally enter. Not that I think I have a hope of winning but more for the motivation it gives me to practice and the inspiration I get. Have fun with your new camera.

  4. Trish

    April 4, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    woo hoo …I only have the 1000D but it takes great shots on the auto function till you can get your head around the manual settings. I still haven’t after a year .
    Ps when is your birthday ?
    Pps Man child is awesome.

  5. Mari Ickes

    April 5, 2010 at 8:43 am

    I was going to tell you that I still haven’t worked out how to use my Nikon D60 that we got about a year and a half ago, maybe it was two and a half… BUT, it does work well on auto, and maybe you could inspire me to learn how to use it.
    If I could have Ellen as my personal tutor, I would definitely take her up on the offer!
    I think I’m going to go play with a camera. Or look around on the web ABOUT playing with cameras…


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