Welfare Check

31 Mar

Let me start this post by saying during the warmer months we often sleep with all the windows and also the balcony door open and we are not alone in doing this.  Now that the evenings are much cooler, most people have begun to shut their doors and windows at night, but not us.  We have moved one of the kitty litters out to the balcony so it has become a habit to leave the door open until we get around to having a cat door put into it.  Last night was one of the nights that the door was left open and I fell asleep with the cool breeze across my face whilst snuggled under the doona.

Surprisingly enough I actually was having a decent sleep and was out cold until the buzzer sounded.  Anyone who has been here knows that our door buzzer is the most obnoxious fog horn sounding buzzer on the planet, even when wide awake and alert it can be a frightening sound.  Imagine the sound at 2.16am, shocking me out of my slumber.  Fortunately man-child responded quicker than I did, I figured it was someone obnoxious just pressing random doorbells to piss people off, he figured it must be something important so he got up to answer it via the intercom.

The one sided conversation I heard wasn’t very coherent but it didn’t take long before he crawled back into bed.  Naturally I questioned who was at the door.  Any guesses?  No, me either.  I had no idea who could possibly be at the door.

Anyway, it was the police!  They were driving by and saw our upstairs door open and wanted to make sure that we were all OK, that no-one had broken in to our house!  Other than the shocking wake-up, it is nice to know that there are people out there who are actually proactive in making sure we are all safe.  Thank you.

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One response to “Welfare Check

  1. FFG

    April 1, 2010 at 12:52 am

    It is amazing that they noticed & stopped to check.


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