Spring Clean

30 Mar

I felt like an adventure today, an chance to get out and about and have some fun with the kids.  I didn’t know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do, I just didn’t feel like spending the second day in a row hanging around here cleaning up again.  I just wanted out and an opportunity to procrastinate without seeing what I was avoiding.  The kids however had other plans.  They wanted to stay in.  They wanted to spend as much time running around the house in only underwear and blankets before making a city out of boxes and other interesting pieces of recycling.  I guess as there are 2 of them I was outvoted.

Really, it didn’t take too much convincing, going out did mean finding suitable clothing and food and that would involve more laundry and a trip to the shop to find anything edible, the stewed apple and pear that I had for breakfast wouldn’t cut it for lunch for all of us.  Also, as I was reminded last night, ‘if you don’t clean it now you will only have to do it later on in the holidays!’  Gee, thanks for that.

On that note, the mega cleaning extravaganza began.  Eleventy billion loads of washing were washed and hung out, including 2 weeks worth of socks and jocks!  Anyone who knows me knows I avoid hanging out socks and jocks.  I think it has something to do with being mildly OCD.  Each sock has to be paired before it can be hung out.  I have relaxed, kids clothes can how be hung next to our clothes however socks still have to be hung next to socks, jocks next to jocks and boxers all together.  Kids clothes have to be hung on kids hangers, our clothes on standard hangers (I no longer have to hang my clothes on matching green hangers – a big step for me!)  I haven’t used pegs for years because they always had to be matching and colour co-ordinating (thanks for passing on that quirk mum!) so perhaps I am more OCD than I thought.

Anyway, as the laundry co-ordination was happening, I planned to wash the floors.  The chairs were up on the table from last night when I planned on doing the stairs but I got side-tracked cleaning out the cupboard under the stairs.  This morning I was sidetracked by the clutter in the kitchen so the quick tidy began.  Before I knew it, that quick clean became a more serious clean.  I was emptying out drawers, scrubbing them out and re-organising them.  I tell you, right now my drawers are beautiful.  I even took out the drawer liners and cleaned them too.  Moving on from there, I began on the toaster and tea cupboard.  Wiping down everything, emptying the breakfast tray everything sat on and even cleaning all the crumbs from the toaster.  I was on a roll, next was the kick boards around the kitchen and even the inside of the dishwasher.  I did draw the line at cleaning the oven, but there is always later today or even tomorrow!

So in the past 48 hours, I have cleaned out my walk in robe, getting rid of 6 bags of clothes and encouraged man-child to do the same.  I have vacuumed and I hate vacuuming as much as I hate sorting socks and jocks.  I have started to move stuff back into our ensuite, did I mention that our ensuite is almost done?  It is, just waiting for the shower screen to be made and that is taking a while, a custom order for an unusual shape.  I have began the painful task of clearing out my study but was distracted by girl-child wanting to help and know what everything was.  Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I have been insanely busy and more domestic than I ever thought possible however the floors still haven’t been washed.  I did contemplate doing them this arvo but there were 5 kids here running wild and it seemed pointless, perhaps after dinner?

As for dinner, I really should drag it out of the slow cooker – pot roast beef with veges that smell delicious.  I really don’t want to get the chairs off the dining table to eat so we will have to eat outside or perhaps have a picnic on the dining room floor.

began a quick tidy of the kitchen


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3 responses to “Spring Clean

  1. Trish

    March 30, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    My you have been busy. I am envious of your achievements in the decluttering area.
    Overcoming your OCD in some areas must be a relief or at least allow you to get things done more quickly.
    Yay on a new ensuite.
    I hang clothes on hangers too because it means less ironing ;).

  2. Leiani

    March 31, 2010 at 1:26 am

    Gosh and I thought I’d had a good day at home catching up on chores. You put me to shame….. And your not the only OCD one!

  3. darren

    March 31, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    haha you are mental too… you mental


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