Skating Fun

28 Mar

We have started with ticking off items from our holiday to-do list.  Today, ice skating here

Waiting to Skate

I don’t know who was more nervous and excited, me or the kids.  I have ice skated before, once or twice but as man-child kindly reminded me that whilst I am reasonably athletic and co-ordinated I am also spectacularly capable of unusual injuries.  The kids have never skated before.  I was picturing a day of trying to coax the kids off the railings whilst trying to remain off my butt.

We got there just before the main crowd arrived so we didn’t have to wait too long to get in and get our skates.  We were there as a group; 2 adults, 2 students, 1 concession and 6 kids and the front of house staff took the time to calculate the best way to reduce our entry fees and then gave us a group discount saving us all a small fortune (thank you awesome staff, great PR).  I tell you, trying to get skates for 6 kids is no mean feat, especially when they had no idea what size their feet were even after carefully measuring on the foot mat!  On what planet would a 6 year old imagine they have feet the size of my giant hooves?  Eventually everyone had boots strapped securely to their feet and were raring to go.

We made our way onto the ice and clawed our way around the first bend of the rink.  Slowly, slowly behind what felt like a billion other clumsy and unco-ordinated people.  It was very slow going and the kids I was getting impatient already.  I coaxed the kids off the wall and dragged them a little further around the rink one in each hand to the front of the queue of people clawing their way around the railing.  We started off one at a time, I would try to guide one kid as the other stumbled along the railing but soon decided that wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry so before we knew it I had one kid on each hand and we were off.  There were many slips and slides but the kids did a fantastic job.

Soon boy-child skated off with his friends.  Sure he hit the ice a lot but he barely hit the ground and he bounced back up and off he went again.  Without realising it, or even trying he was able to spin around and even go backwards for a bit.  Sure it was an accident but he did it well!  He was soon skating like he knew what he was doing and keeping up with the kids who have skated for years!

Skating with Ease

Both kids made it about an hour and a half into the session before they started to get tired and achey.  I was tired much sooner than them but I didn’t want to stop when they were having so much fun.  A quick break and they were soon back out on the ice.  Both kids did manage a few laps around the ice without hitting the deck, some of those laps were unassisted and at a decent speed.  I was lucky enough to stay upright the entire time – it had nothing to do with skill but more as a result of having a kid attached to my arm most of the afternoon.  I am sure that will be remedied next visit.

Naturally the kids had so much fun they both want to take skating lessons so they can learn to skate properly.  For some reason they have already discovered that it is better to learn how to stop without having to fall over!  Skating lessons do sound like fun, finding the time to fit them in to an already hectic schedule will be interesting.

Now though, the post skate high is wearing off, the kids are knackered and girl-child has turned into a moody teenager who is angry at everything.  An early night is in order, but first we need to eat something healthy for dinner!


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2 responses to “Skating Fun

  1. Leiani

    March 29, 2010 at 12:54 am

    Sounds like a fun, though exhausting day. Great holiday idea, what a great mum you are!

  2. Ellen

    March 29, 2010 at 10:16 am

    Love this post. Love hearing how AJ caught on with ease. I see another visit there in the near future! I spent the day with AJ, Tino and Eva.


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