Going Out for Dinner

25 Mar

I have been invited to a colleague’s house for dinner tonight. I should be excited; no cooking…

WTF – I wrote an entire post ON MY PHONE whilst waiting for rabid kids at dancing and now it is gone.  It perfectly captured my mood and apprehension.  After a good night out I figured I would come back and add a new and much happier ending but now I see the whole thing is gone.  It kind of seems pointless trying to re-write it, but if I don’t write the beginning the end will make no sense at all.  Besides, I have to write something, right?  What I don’t get is that I wrote the post before I added the heading, why did the bulk of the body disappear but the heading stay?

ANyway, where was I?

I have been invited to a colleague’s house for dinner tonight. I should be excited; no cooking, a real prospect of great food and no monsters.  It should be the perfect evening except for some reason I am feeling apprehensive about the night out.  Perhaps it was the thought of not having someone there to hide behind.  Maybe it was crossing the line from work colleague to friend.  Realistically it could be the thought that I was invited to ‘even the score’ in a troubled relationship.  That doesn’t sound quite right, their relationship is shaky at the moment and it was my friends turn to invite someone over for dinner and I am not sure I want to be squished in the middle of someone else’s mess, I have enough of my own mess to be squished in to go looking for more.

I finished the post by saying that I am sure that I am over-reacting, that we will have a perfectly civilised, pleasant evening but still I am a little apprehensive.

So now that I have written a crappy version of what I would like to think was a well though out, well crafted piece of writing whine (and of course it was, crappy posts never disappear) I can write the ending.

So dinner was delicious, the company was great and for most of the evening was just the two of us (the partner of my friend was working interstate and the flight was delayed).  As a result there was no tension, conversation could drift to work without us feeling like we were excluding anyone from conversation.  There were no awkward breaks in conversation and I didn’t feel the need to hide behind monsters because I was feeling socially inept.  All in all, a great night out.

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One response to “Going Out for Dinner

  1. Leiani

    March 27, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    I hate it when a post disappears on you like that. So frustrating. And I’m glad you ended up having a good night, given your early apprehension.


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