Weekly Winners #23, almost there (Mar 1-7)

24 Mar

I know I actually posted about this on the day, back here, but I figure it was so spectacular it was worth adding more photos here.

I was at a friends house, keeping her dogs company when the storm hit.  It hit hard and it was raining inside, I think I used every towel in the house to mop up the leaks.  I also found an alternative use for tupperware!

Mopping Up the Mess

I had to wade through this to get home!

Ready to Swim?

When it stopped raining I decided to head home.  It was a long walk but eventually made it through.  I wasn’t too worse for wear, although the dye from my shoes had turned my feet blue.  In actual fact, my little toenails are still a rather disturbing shade of bruise.  I would take a photo but some things really shouldn’t be shared – my toes are pretty funky even when they don’t look blue.

This was the backyard I returned home to.

Buried Steps

If I wasn’t so busy helping friends clean up from the real damage in their houses I would have loved to have jumped into the hot tub!

There was a real threat of another storm the following day, so the neighbours were dressed and ready to get into action, even if it meant standing on the roof and scooping ice out to unblock drains if needed.  Of course all this contemplating work required a drink!

Storm Man

Of course this day also happened to be Clean Up Australia Day so we spent the morning Cleaning Up at a local Clean Up site.  As you can imagine, with the flood waters sibsiding, all of the rubbish that was swept into the waterways was all over the place.  The kids enjoyed helping out, it may have been more exploring areas that they wouldn’t normally get to see rather than the collection of rubbish but either way it was a win!

Cleaning by the Concrete Creek

Under the Bridge

Fortunately there were heaps of volunteers to help clean up and the second storm was a fizzer.  The clean up is still happening around the suburb.  We were lucky, we got off lightly; some smashed laser lite, a cracked spa cover, an antenna with a broken arm that now provides dodgy reception and some water damage to the floors near the back door when others in the same street have had to move out as their house is being re-built.


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2 responses to “Weekly Winners #23, almost there (Mar 1-7)

  1. Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

    March 25, 2010 at 12:02 am

    Wow! What a soppy, messy day you had! Glad you all survived it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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