Weekly Winners Rewind #21 (Feb 15 – 21)

21 Mar

If a simple review of iPhoto is all I have to go by, this wasn’t a particularly exciting week in the superRelish household.  The week appeared to be nothing more than kitten antics and renovations.  Whilst the photos of renovations are interesting to me, to anyone else it is more meh than anything else.  Even the kitten photos are pretty ordinary, so along with the photo I will recap the story that goes along with it.

You remember our adorable new kittens, Tornado and Lucky

Little Lucky

Snuggly Tornado

At this stage, the kittens had only lived in our happy home for about a month.  We were still attempting to keep the kittens inside all of the time, to teach them that our house is their home, they had brief forays into the back yard under strict child supervision but essentially they stayed inside all the time.  At times it was difficult to keep them both indoors, particularly when we had builders in and out of the house.  Anyway, mid afternoon we realised that we hadn’t seen the kittens for a while so we began the search.  We checked on the balcony, in the cupboards, under furniture, in the back yard, we even checked in the garage but still no kittens.  I was starting to get a little stressed remembering that the tiler had left the front door open for a time and I couldn’t remember if I had seen the kittens since then.  We tried to call the vet to see if they had been found and taken there as they didn’t have their collars on but the vet was closed.  The kids were getting upset and began the door knock to see if neighbours had seen them.

I was about to go help the kids on the door knock when out of the nowhere, Tornado appeared and not far behind him was Lucky.  Apparently this is where they had been hiding.

Kitty Hiding Drawers

Their current favourite comfy space – one in each drawer of the coffee table.  Naturally we didn’t think to look in the closed drawers of the coffee table but the kittens had found that if they crawled under the table they could climb up into the cavity and over the back wall of the drawers to a cozy place with no kids or tradies to annoy them!

And that is it for another boring edition to the Weekly Winners catch up attempt.  Hopefully one day soon I will be up to date and linking to the real Weekly Winners!

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One response to “Weekly Winners Rewind #21 (Feb 15 – 21)

  1. Lou

    March 21, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    Yep. Ours was missing for several hours only three days after arrival. Was curled up behind the amp, sound asleep.


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