No Prostitution for my Princess

20 Mar

I am just back from a birthday party and was helping girl-child get ready for bed.  As she brushed her teeth I was thinking to myself, “Crap, I haven’t blogged today, it is too far in to the month of ‘blogging every day’ to not blog, if only I had something to blog about.”  I had nothing and thanks to a camera that sends up whisps of smoke each time I take a photo, I didn’t even take photos at the party to use as a substitute for blogging.

I was struggling to think of anything to contemplate writing when girl-child started telling me how rich one of her school friends was.  Finally I found my blog fodder; girl-child’s rich friend!

Now let me set the scene, her ‘rich’ friend is a beautiful girl who has no more or less money that the average schmo in the area, in fact she is normal in every way however girl-child has almost no concept of money.  Just this week he tooth fairy left her with $2 after her recent lost and she was over the moon with the thought of having so much money.  Her ‘rich’ friend has a ‘rich’ fairy who left her with $5 but that was just a note!  Despite being able to add up the total value of a handful of coins, richness is still measured by the number of coins and their weight rather than the value.

Before she began the story, girl-child started off with a few questions, normal every day questions like When you were young did you go to lots of parties? and How old do you have to be to buy a house? The answers were Not really and Whenever you have saved up enough money.

So now for the story.   Did you know that RG (short for Rich Girl) is so rich, she has got $1,000 all of her own.  She has so much m0ney she is going to buy a car with it and because she has so much money she will even get a car with keys (what did she think, that keys are optional extras?).  She will be able to buy a license too and she can drive me to parties whenever we want!  (Who am I to interrupt with factual information about driving legally?  Not to mention parental approval of random party attendances.)  And then when she has got her car AND her keys AND her license, she is going to buy a house with her own money.

RG told me she was going to give me half of all her money.  (Really, why would she give you half of her money?)  Well she said she would give me half her money if I kissed a boy.  Then she said if the boy was really nice she would give him some money too.  I told her that even if she gave me all her money I wouldn’t kiss a boy.  (Oh, which boy won’t you kiss?)  Well I probably will kiss more boys, but that’s OK, she won’t need to give me half her money because I don’t need her money.  I am lucky and I am going to live with you forever, even when I am old and have kids too!

So there you have it, my 6 year old daughter doesn’t need to kiss boys for financial gain because she is going to sponge of me forever and ever.  The End.

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