Rewind to Weekly Winners #20 (Feb 8-14)

16 Mar

So it has been a really long time since I played Weekly Winners, so long in fact that it will take me forever to play catch up.  So if I were to rewind an entire month this is what I would have posted.

Look, photographic proof that I used to go for a run around the river of a morning as the sun rose!

Running toward the Sunrise

And now for some of the 200+ photos from our weekend away with friends to Seppelt Great Western Winery for A Day on the Green.

First there is the beautiful bush surrounding the caravan park we called home for the weekend.

Exploring the Surrounds

Then there was the ‘gourmet picnic’ that won me a bottle of wine!  I still maintain it was the fact that I was almost asleep on the picnic blanket that was the real cause of the win and not our gourmet picnic!

Gourmet? Nah, just a few bags of shopping...

The picnic eventually bored the kids and they begged to be distracted by our iPhones.


Of course the day after the concert we could have driven straight home but that would be no fun.  Only a few minutes away from the caravan park, as we were deciding where to go, I saw a glimpse of colour through the trees.  We turned around to check out what it was and we were amazed.  The Sisters Rocks were beautiful.  I loved the graffiti on the rocks.

Sisters Rocks

Climbing all over the rocks was amazing, if a little terrifying when you look at the size of them and imagine how much it would hurt if you were to fall.  The kids had a great time and we could have spent all day there.

Flying Leap

… however we suspected there would be many more places to visit so man-child googled other places in the area to explore…

Checking our Location

Next stop, Bunjil Shelter for some more painting on rocks, this time however the image was more spectacular.  I have never seen Aboriginal rock paintings before.  The beauty of the painting and the area surrounding the shelter was stunning.  It has made me want to learn more about the history of Australia.

Bunjil, the Creator

We were the only people around for miles and felt like we were on top of the world so we stopped for a family photo.  I don’t take many self photos and for some reason I take them upside down.  Normally I would rotate the photo but in this case I actually prefer it upside down!

Upside Down and Happy

Boy-child had time for a quick rest before heading back to the car.


I could continue to add photo after photo of a beautiful part of our country, or if anyone really wants to see them they can head over to Flickr.

Of course there was magic to be made when we returned home and played with the kittens!

Wizarding Wonders

There, now I am only 3 weeks behind, I will get there eventually.

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