Ready, Set, Go?

13 Mar

Well by now I should be ready for the fun run I am doing tomorrow.  This will be the 4th time I have run in any kind of fun run, the 3rd time I will be doing this particular run – the Run for the Kids.  It is a really long run that goes through the Domain Tunnel and then over the Bolte Bridge before coming back in to the city via Docklands to end up back in the gardens.  The first year I ran on my own and pretty much decided that ‘fun run’ is an oxymoron but despite that, I think that iIt is a really great run and the proceeds go to the Royal Children’s Hospital, the same hospital that my kids have been at on a number of occasions, from blood poisoning to croup to shattered bones.  We have spent enough time there to know the value of the hospital and like to get involved in the fundraising efforts.

Year 2 saw me running with a friend.  We trained for the run, in the loosest possible sense of the phrase, in reality we walked and occasionally went jogging together of a morning.  Although I had a much more enjoyable (is that the right word for pain + insanity?) time, it was not surprising that my time for year 2 was worse than for the first year!

As it is my third time doing this particular event I know what I am in for.  Do you think that means that I am prepared for it?  Hell NO.  Last winter I started the couch to 5km challenge and managed to complete it, and as strange as it may sound, I was even enjoying running.  Then somehow life got in the way, I can’t remember if it was injury, boredom or just plain laziness but I stopped running.

At the beginning of the year I knew I had to do something to get ready for the run.  I kept making excuses but decided once school went back and we had settled into a new routine of madness I would start training again.  I began to jump back on the couch to 5km bandwagon again, beginning at week 6 to allow me to build up to a solid 5km before the big day (tomorrow).  I made it to week 8 I think before the wheels fell of my training wagon and again I can’t remember why.  What I do know is that tomorrow I will be joggling 14.5km along with 30,000 other participants – I will be the unfit one huffing and puffing my way to the start line bright and early tomorrow morning.

I have no delusions of my fitness this year – I know I am unfit and add to that I am extremely tired and have a throbbing headache/jawache/sinus thingy happening, I am not expecting miracles but I am hoping that I will make it over the bridge before the pick-up bus comes along to collect all those who are so slow they are literally holding up traffic!

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