Memories of a Long Weekend

08 Mar

The weather this weekend has been insane.  Warm one second and then torrential downpours the next, awesome thunderstorm and the most insane hail storm I have ever experienced.  Combine the crazy weather with an extra three days of work and I am running on empty.  Running on empty, tired and lacking motivation has got me struggling to write anything worth reading.  So today I leave you with photos of the Long Weekend over the past 3 years, clearly hot weather is the norm.

Labour Day Weekend 2008 we were at my cousin’s wedding.  The wedding was beautiful but it was stinking hot and dusty. When we weren’t partying at the wedding and recovery lunch we were down by the lake trying to cool off.  Oh and the boy-child lost his first tooth!  Here are a few of my faves from that weekend.

Blowing Bubbles by the Boosey

Labour Day Weekend 2009 we stayed in Melbourne and enjoyed a quiet weekend at home.  The kids didn’t get dressed, in fact the boy-child didn’t put jammies on to then require him to put clothes on.  Eventually, a day later when the kids were dressed, we went to a football family fun day and then celebrated a day off school and work by heading to the beach.

Playing at the Beach

Labour Day Weekend 2010, crazy weather, a major clean up with friends and today a walk through the city as a part of the Moomba parade.

Weekend Weather

Luckily the weather was beautiful this morning as I headed into the city to help out at Moomba.  Before I knew it I was marching along with a school band in the parade!

Ready to March

What I have learnt from this whole experience is not that Melbourne really is the home of crazy weather, I already knew that!  What I did learn is that I miss having a blog or journal to remind me of all the fun things we have done.  I must get back into blogging properly and saving memories, in both places, but for now – sleep!


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2 responses to “Memories of a Long Weekend

  1. Tanya

    March 9, 2010 at 6:25 am

    Wow I really need to get a TV/Radio or start reading the news as I had no idea of the chaos you guys have been experiencing – I am glad you are all OK


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