Weekly Winners Can Wait

07 Mar

I was really looking forward to getting back in to Weekly Winners.  In fact I was planning on playing catch up and adding in the weeks of Weekly Winners that I missed just so I will have a comprehensive collection of a year of Weekly Winners at some stage, then the storms hit.  Now I need to say first, we are safe and dry but we are one of the lucky houses in the neighbourhood.  One friend has had their roof leak causing damage in the back of their house over 2 levels and another has serious water damage in every room of the house except one bedroom.  Others in the same street have been told that their house needs to be gutted and is completely uninhabitable.  I really shouldn’t complain about the minor damage we have suffered – a few little leaks, smashed laser lite over the back door, soggy carpet (in the garage/games room) and a dead TV aerial.

Actually, I’m not complaining about the damage we have suffered, but I do need to say that I am totally exhausted.  I have worked all weekend and am working again tomorrow.  When I returned home from work today I spent the rest of the afternoon helping friends clean up from the storm; relocating rooms, moving furniture, sorting out what is water damaged and what is salvageable and trying to get the house somewhat resembling habitable.  It hasn’t been much but it has seemed to take its toll on me.  Oh, add to that a house full of people last night, dinner guests for all the people who were stuck in wet houses, extra kids who had no dry bed to sleep in and perhaps a little too much to drink and I am really stuffed.  I need to try get a decent sleep tonight, an early start at work tomorrow before the normal school week kicks in.  Bring on the weekend, or a holiday, I need it!

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